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When I look at the analytics for viewers of this site, I see that I’m actually getting quite a few women that jump along to check out what I recommend. Fear not, ladies: I’ve hunted down yet another top quality destination for you to utilize during your clam stroking sessions! It goes by the name of XConfessions and by all accounts, it’s really quite an enjoyable experience for the babes out there that want porn focused on them. So, if you’re tired of the old style of porn that doesn’t seek to pleasure women that watch, this might just be the place to go.

X Confessions is produced by Erika Lust, a feminist porn lover from Spain. She allows people to submit fantasies to her directly and then she goes out and has them turned into porn scenes. The level of interaction with the community is great, but I think the porn really sells it here (which is ultimately what this place is all about). They use real women, real men and great visual elements that really bring out the beauty in the body. Oh, and I should mention that it is filled with a lot of hot sex – this isn’t softcore in the slightest.

Review Pros
  • Feminist porn
  • Great quality
  • User-submitted fantasies
Review Cons
  • Pricey one-month plan