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For 4 woman on ForHerTube 

Really great idea for a tubesite. The site is geared towards women. Not to say that men will not like it. But yeah, its pink and features the type of porn that women are most likely to gravitate towards. Forhertube boasts nearly 42,000 videos. The categories are listed on the front of the site with a thumbnail for each that accurately shows what will be inside when you delve into the multitude of choices that they present. There is also a three box check mark option on the top right where you can choose Straight, Gay, Shemale. You can choose just one or two or all three.

A pretty nice feature to filter some things. For example if you don’t want to see guys choking down some hard cock. One really interesting category that caught my attention while having the Shemale box ticked was the Shemale fucks girl section. I would think that if you are a women it would be the best of both worlds. You can have nice soft tits, feminine touch and a nice big hard cock to suck and fuck! And this site does not dissapoint in this category to be sure. There are over 8,000 videos. Very good quality and some of the videos are extremely arousing, surprising this straight reviewer. A fast loading site with very fast search results. I did many searches trying to find some different styles of videos and I was impressed with the quickness and quality of the results.

Interesting and hard to find content

Even though Forhertube is a free tube site and really does not offer any bonus content that does not mean you should stop from bookmarking this massive and well put together site. There is no bonus section but I would consider it a bonus that there are so many categories here that are not found anywhere else. It makes it a lot easier that having to do a search every time I want to check out a certain niche. It has some really interesting and hard to find things such as Hermaphrodites! So I would kind of count this as a bonus because its different. Don’t miss out.

The Best of Forhertube

This is a very interesting site! It has some very different categories that you don’t see on many other sites. I found myself poking around and lingering for quite a while inside some of them because they are very unique to be sure. Some of the best things about the site is that it loads very fast, it has a great array of categories and the fact that it is geared towards women is in itself very unique.

Some of the categories that are here for women that you don’t usually see on other sites are things like “Missionary”, “Pegging”, “Watching”, “Story” and many more unique categories. I will definitely bookmark this and return to check out some of the stuff on this free mega tube site.  The search function works very well and I searched for gangbangs. It loaded extremely fast with a ton of results so I was able to load some super hot high quality videos of girls getting pounded with lots of cock right away. Just what I was in the mood for. They have so many categories that there is an alphabetical text section at the bottom that breaks them down nicely.

The Worst of Forhertube

Not many bad things to say about this site. I will note that the videos are external, meaning that when you click on a video it opens up another site to play the video. No opportunity to download the videos that I like or to save them as favorites as they do not have a premium or members area. It’s just all totally free.

The Bottom Line about Forhertube

Not your typical tube site thats for sure. The site is geared towards women but don’t let that stop you from browsing around inside. It is worthwhile and contains some really great stuff that is tough to find anywhere else. While it does have some of the typical things you will it also has some very unique features because it is suited for the women crowd. As a straight man I was very pleased with Forhertube for sure though. I could spend hours here just exploring the plethora of different categories and jacking my dick to many different wild videos that I have not seen. I would tell you to definitely give this site a try.

I had a blast on here exploring all of the different categories that I have not seen anywhere else. One that is really good for some quick cock jerking action is the compilation section. Cum shot compilations, cuckold compilations and so many more. You can go there, click on some videos and get right to it, no messing around with the pickup scenes at the beginning of the videos or scripted talking. Just straight to the good stuff.

With over 42,000 videos being pulled from external sources the main good thing about this site is how they are expertly categorized into very good categories so that a true porn connoisseur can go straight to what he or she is looking for. Get yourself over to bookmark it and you will not be sorry. A great site to pull up if you want to watch some nice full story driven movies or some wild off the wall compilations and pretty much everything in between. Enjoy.

Review Pros
  • Awesome porn categories
  • Thousands of videos
  • Very Unique categories
Review Cons
  • Can't download videos