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Bad Girls Bible: a professional look

Believe it or not, the suggestion to look at Bad Girls Bible actually came from an ex-lover of mine who recently got in contact. She wanted to have a threesome with me and my current girlfriend, but I was skeptical of the benefit since she didn’t really know how to fuck all that good. According to her, she’s spent a long time on BadGirlsBible to really understand what great sex is all about and wants to prove it to me. I don’t know if we’ll ever get around to fucking again, but what I do know is that I’m going to check out what Bad Girls Bible is all about so I can let you in on whether or not this place has anything to offer. Sound like a plan? Keep reading, then, friend.

Initial analysis on Bad Girls Bible

The basic premise of Bad Girls Bible is to help you understand exactly what’s what when it comes to having great sex – from the perspective of a woman. Sure, guys are more than welcome to check out what’s being shared and you might actually learn a thing or two from the visit as well. Just one small thing I didn’t like about Bad Girls Bible was that the homepage has the phrase ‘blow job’ instead of the word ‘blowjob’ – everyone knows that those two are joined at the hip, so don’t put a damn space between them!

Assessment at Bad Girls Bible

One of the main features here is the blowjob skills quiz (I’m not joking, they literally have one) where ladies learn whether or not they actually have any ability when it comes to dishing out oral sex. There are 15 questions in total and after they’ve done, they’ll get a rating. They’ll then get the ability to sign up to an online learning course (completely free) where Bad Girls Bible will help them understand the ins and outs of delivering fantastic blowjobs. From my perspective, I think this is a great system – not just because I have a dick, either! One of the crazy things is that sex is supposed to be enjoyable, right? But we never take time to actually learn what great intercourse feels like. That’s why I think everyone should consider learning a thing or two from Bad Girls Bible. Especially my girlfriend, who honestly needs to brush up on her blowjob skills!

Other sections on Bad Girls Bible

While oral sex is a big part of the platform here, there are lots of other features that I think are worth a mention. For instance, BadGirlsBible has a database of over 100 sexual positions that you can try – many of them with cool illustrations to show you how to get down to business. I really must compliment the artwork here: it makes exploring the erotic suggestions just that much more enjoyable. Bad Girls Bible has done a solid job of making it convenient and fun to learn about sex – what’s not to love about that, right? It seems like an absolutely heavenly situation to be in if you ask me.

BadGirlsBible: my final thoughts

Although this place is allegedly for chicks, I do recommend guys visit this hub if they also want to learn about great sex. The tools and information here is pretty good, plus you can sign up for the newsletter and subscribe to the podcast if you want to. All in all, I’d say that Bad Girls Bible is one of the hottest spots online right now for sexual education. Check it out and let me know how you got on. One thing’s for sure: when my girl gets home from work, I’m going to pitch a threesome – she needs to learn a thing or two from my now-educated ex!

Review Pros
  • Fantastic learning source
  • Good illustrations
  • Good project idea
Review Cons
  • Not much porn
  • Aimed at women