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I’ve never found the concept of porn for women a particularly popular one: I just figured that most ladies out there loved watching all types of cuties taking dick from pornstars. But I guess that there is a market for that feminist dollar, which is why exists – a destination that claims to be “smart and sexy porn for women, by women”. How does it differ from standard porn? It’s a lot more focused on getting hunks in the picture and making sure it’s all about the women having a great time! Don’t worry though, this isn’t a boring site: it wouldn’t be on Mr. Porn Geek if it was.

All of the content on is presented in a relatively good resolution and there are around 300 or so scenes in the archive for you to enjoy. Sadly, there are no dates on the content, so it’s hard to know when new stuff is added. Oh, and it’s also worth noting that is unlike a lot of other sites: it has some regular blog posts, stories and non-porn related media too. It’s basically a place for sex-positive women to find stuff that caters to their desires. I guess I’ll have to get Mrs. Porn Geek around at some point to take a look and give her opinion!

Review Pros
  • Hundreds of videos
  • Good quality content
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  • Design could be better