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Hentai Key – two decades of anime porn

Mr. Porn Geek has seen his fair share of adult websites over the years, and I think it goes without saying that the hentai category is an incredibly popular one. Today, I’m visiting one of the biggest – and oldest – portals for those who are serious about accessing the finest hentai in all the land. HentaiKey has been one of the top choices for horny dudes that love anime porn: it started back in 2001 and has been going from strength to strength ever since. Get access to a huge portal in an instant, featuring some of the best series and original artworks you’ll find online. Read below for Mr. Porn Geek’s complete review and analysis – you know you can trust me when it comes to the best hentai spots!

Initial thoughts on HentaiKey

HentaiKey has many areas of content, and it’s actually a network project of 40 websites melded together under one title. Note that they do have a premium service here – but it’s free to try for 7 days, so if you don’t like what you see, no harm, no foul. Some of the sites include platforms such as Hentai Pussy, Moe Load, Saishuu and Hentai Panic – they all have their own themes and a large database of content for you to show down on. Most are focused on images, but there are plenty of videos available here too: pretty much anything you could want from amateur productions through to professional outfits. They also have original Japanese text alongside English translations on a lot of their publications, so you can take your pick and go for whatever – no issues or problems.

What I like about HentaiKey

This might seem small, but this anime porn portal has the ability for you to switch to night mode with the simple flick of a button: real convenient! The search feature is also fantastic, which it has to be, since they have such a large database of media for you to look through. I also loved the fact that they have a few games, so if you want an interactive anime porn experience – look no further than right here. Sure, it’s likely never going to rival Nutaku, but give them enough time and you might like the end result. Note that these games are also Japanese imports, so you’re getting a lot of different authors, art styles, characters and the like – everything that a lot of people are going to prefer over what Nutaku brings to the table.

Variety is very much the thing that gives Hentai Key its advantage over the rival platforms out there: these guys have done whatever they can to get as many different art styles, doujinshi sources and so on to contribute to their database. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of their offerings and the scale of their project – there’s more content here than on most rival anime projects, that’s for damn sure. Mr. Porn Geek was really impressed with the mountain of hentai he could grab from any one of the dozens of sub-sites they’re offering.

My conclusion on HentaiKey

Guys: if you’re someone that loves anime sex videos, XXX manga and the like – can I suggest that you go and grab yourself a premium account for Hentai Key? At least try the free trial and see what it has to offer – if you don’t like what’s there, it’s not a big deal, and you can always leave whenever you want. For my money, there are few spots that give this hub a run for its money in the niche it exploits. Definitely one of the better choices out there, so do yourself a massive favor and get down and dirty with HentaiKey today. It really doesn’t get much better than what these dudes have to offer for original hentai art, doujinshi and everything else that makes this niche so damn fantastic.

Review Pros
  • Free trial available
  • Huge content archive
  • Lots of art styles
Review Cons
  • Limited videos
  • Average billing options