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Mr. Porn Geek, I’m into Hentai, can you help me out a bit?

Do you even have to ask? Of course I can help. I got just the thing you are looking for. Over a previous couple of weeks, Mr. Porn Geek has been busy looking into HeyHentai.com. And it’s pretty much safe to say that if you are looking for your first premium venture into the incredible fantasy world of hentai porn, you should definitely check it out. The navigation is easy, the content is excellent, and the pricing is incredible considering the value you get for your money.

Why is HeyHentai.com one of your top recommendations?

Well, partly because it’s the latest one I did, but the most significant reason is the quality of the content. When it comes to porn, nothing beats good videos and the amount of content. If you would to judge HeyHentai.com based on the quality and the quantity of the videos, it would really be hard not to recommend it.

Based on the number of available videos and a bit of quick math, Mr. Porn Geek estimates that it would take you months to go through all the videos that are already in their library. And that’s if you would watch them one after the other for entire days. To draw a conclusion; that’s a lot of porn, more than enough to keep your cock perpetually hard. And it’s not only the quantity, but the quality is exceptionally good as well. Each video would have you not at least a couple of times before you get to the end of it.

What about loading times, site functionality, mobile device availability, Any of that worth mentioning?

Not any, but all. Well, except loading times. It’s almost the year 2020, do you really think Mr. Porn Geek would waste your time with slow-loading sites? HeyHentai.com is designed with simplicity in mind. It doesn’t have complicated menus; it’s not riddled with plugins, it’s a joy to navigate through. I imagine this is done on purpose, to enhance the experience on mobile devices, even the older ones. Aesthetic appeal is always up for a debate, because that’s a subjective thing, but functionality is universal, and there is no debate whether they got it right or not. Hardcore hentai fans will also appreciate the support for Japanese and Chinese languages. It shows the level of details developers devoted to the platform.

What about pricing? Do I get my money’s worth with HeyHentai.com?

Well, Mr. Porn Geek has only three words for you: one dollar access. HeyHentai.com features a 3-day trial plan for just one dollar. And that’s all you need to know for starters. That should be enough for you to realize the true value of their offer and gauge whether you want to continue with the premium or whether you REALLY want to continue with the premium. Kidding aside, you know that Mr. Porn Geek recommends only the best sites, but if that is not enough for you guys, you can also take into consideration that other user reviews score HeyHentai.com with the best scores.

Review Pros

  • Simplistic design
  • Plenty of content
  • Great promotional schemes

Review Cons

  • Lack of advanced filtering