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ViPissy Preview

I know that pissing porn isn’t for everyone, but if you consider yourself to be the type of person that really enjoys watching hot sluts using their pussies to produce golden delights, this is one site that you don’t want to miss. ViPissy showcases the finer side of urine porn and has been in the game of golden showers for around three years now, building up a collection of over 150 scenes. New releases are added on a weekly basis, and each one contains an exclusive video and photo set attached. One thing’s for sure: if you want exclusive urine porn on a whole new level, this is the place to go.

The pissing videos here are available at 1080p in an MP4 format and stream at an 8 Mb/s bitrate. This is pretty impressive, although if you have bandwidth issues be sure to utilize the smaller options provided. Each gallery comes with a zipped photo set and if you want to browse the pictures on the site, you’re free to do that too. While there aren’t any piss-themed bonus sites, the exclusive material here is more than enough to justify taking a look at what’s on offer. ViPissy really knows how to provide a top tier urine-themed porn website.

ViPissy Review

Golden shower porn is a niche that many people love, and some people don’t ever want to see. Both are valid, and I will admit that there is some curiosity there as far as wanting to know more about what it is all about. With the best rates on porn here at Mr. Porn Geek, there is a fantastic opportunity to get any curiosity you have filled. Start with the homepage. This site makes no excuses as to what if offers, and rightfully so. If you are curious about piss on faces, breasts, pussies, and everywhere else, as a form of sexual pleasure, this site is for you.

The site is well organized, and of course, there is a lot more here than porn featuring piss. Everything is organized with categories/tags, making it easy to find porn with a lot of foreplay, masturbation, girl-on-girl sex scenes, dildo porn, blowjob porn, penetration of all types, and more.

ViPissy Bonus Content

When you get a membership to VIPissy, you get exactly what they say you get on the tour. There are not many additional websites that are included, and there are no additional websites in the network. What you do get is top quality pissing porn movies, which are a rare find in such quality and numbers.

ViPissy Discounts

I want people to not only be able to find, but also to be able to afford, their favorite pissing porn movies. I want this to happen for every kinky and extreme porn video genre that you want. If the top adult industry porn companies in the world are making it, you can know that I reached out to get you the top deal. When you head over to VIPissy from Mr. Porn Geek, using my links, you will automatically get the top porn buys available. This means you will have more money for your favorite sex toys and lube.

The Best of ViPissy

There are over 300 scenes available at ViPissy, and each is about 35 minutes long. The scenes are available for download in both MP4 and WMV format, and they are streamable in MP4 format as well. There are also multiple bandwidths that are available, which is excellent. The majority of the scenes here have picture galleries that go with them, and not only are these available for download in Zip format, but they are also available in multiple Zip sizes.

ViPissy is filled with a TON of exclusive content, meaning that the top piss porn action that you see here cannot be found in other places. There is also no download limit, so you can put this on your hard drive and watch any time. This is not the most common porn genre around, so if you love it keep it with you.

The site has over 200 models featured; there are a lot of women that enjoy these streams of golden liquid, men too. The best golden shower porn is high quality, and this is another place where VIPissy delivers. They are truly VIP porn, with a lot of full HD scenes. They have started filming and posting 4K ultra HD porn as well, so they have the top quality porn that meets the highest standards. The older films from VIPissy are available in 1080p and 720p as well, and for people who prefer SD for their devices, there are SD downloads as well.

The site has a lot of variety, they know what they want to deliver on, but are not obsessive about it. There is a lot of straight sex, lesbian sex, group sex, roleplay porn, and you get all of these fresh porn options in HD, which is excellent.

In terms of website design, there are a lot of good things to say as well, the interface is easy to use, and there are some great features that some sites just do not have. If you read my reviews, you know that I love advanced searches, and VIPissy has one. This is a huge perk for me. I also like the “Coming Soon” feature, which shows you what the latest upcoming update is. The website updates consistently with new porn movies, so there is always something in this area, which members can look forward to seeing.

The Worst of ViPissy

The limited access pass for this site is ok in the sense that it is cheap, but the site charges a lot more, once the two-day pass is over, than the standard rate for the site. With the deal I get you here at Mr. Porn Geek, it is a smarter plan to get a regular membership at the best rate possible from me. Save money now and in the long run too.

You will also want to make sure that you uncheck the pre-checked cross-sells. There were more than one when I visited. These are additional sites that are “offers.” You will be charged for them if you do not uncheck the boxes, and they are not cheap. If you are interested in the sites, look for a review here first. If I have reviewed the site, you will get the best deal available, and not just the rate they throw at you.

The Bottom Line about ViPissy

There are some fun scenes here, and most of them are girl-on-girl. There is other variety, like some couples, but keep in mind that this is a niche site and you will see a lot of different kinds of sex, but also a lot of hot babes peeing on each other. If you are into this niche, and a lot of lesbian piss porn fun, this is a fantastic site. If you want more variety, like tons of straight couples and threesomes, there are other sites that cater more to this. The high-quality pissing porn films here have excellent production value and these models love feeling the warmth on their bodies, in their mouths, and everywhere else. Find great solo and lesbian porn clips here, as well as some movies that go beyond. Drink up!

Review Pros
  • Great 1080p quality
  • Weekly updates
  • 100% exclusive
Review Cons
  • No bonus sites
  • Some adverts