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Amateur piss and scat pleasures are always fun for a certain group of people and if you consider yourself to be one of them, I highly recommend to visit Yezz Clips. The concept here is simple: people upload their own porn clips where they showcase scat action, golden showers and a mixture of the two. You’ll sign up and be able to buy all of the videos here to support the producers, as well as have the chance to put forward custom orders for scat porn that you’re particularly interested in seeing. It’s a crazy world that we live in and man, this site just goes to show what people can do to make a dollar in this world!

The main selling point of Yezz Clips is the fact that all of the scat action is yours to pick and choose. There are producers of this stuff that showcase a small sample of their wares and when you find yourself enjoying what’s on offer, you can go ahead and get more of it without a second wasted. The unique platform upon which buying and selling is executed means you’ll never have an issue again with finding good quality scat pornography. Buy your scenes here today and make a custom order – you know you want to!

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  • Custom orders
  • Lots of producers

Review Cons

  • Dated site design