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Yezz Clips Review

The main selling point of Yezz Clips is the fact that all of the scat action is yours to pick and choose. There are producers of this stuff that showcase a small sample of their wares, and when you find yourself enjoying what’s on offer, you can go ahead and get more of it without a second wasted.

If you’re new to Yezzclips and don’t know which stores a worth your while, I suggest you hit up the top stores list and check out any one of the 50 stores listed. Better yet, I would just hop over to the top-selling clips and see what other people are buying. They wouldn’t buy shit – excuse the pun – so you know that everything on this list is pure gold.

What kind of custom scat videos can you expect from here? Everything from a scat quickly to a mouthful of nasty shit. They even have BBW scat and something called a shit parade. Yeah, it’s safe to say that if you can imagine it, these content creators can turn it into reality!

Enough about scat, tell me about the piss porn.

So you’re into golden showers, huh? Good on you mate! Yes, there is plenty of piss action on Yezz Clips. The easiest way to get to it is by using the advanced search which allows you to allows you to search by category, keyword or store. The keyword search will get you precisely the kind of pee action you’re looking for.

We’re talking over 10,000 clips of play involving that warm yellow liquid from down below the belt. There are piss drinking videos – lots and lots of them. Who knew pee was such a popular drink? Well, at Yezz Clips, it is. You also have hot chicks who can’t control their bladders soaking their pants and women who just like to spread their legs and shoot out long streams of piss. Then there are the ladies and men who like to aim their pussies and dicks at their partners and soak them with urine. Whatever type of piss play you’ve got in mind, Yezzclips has got you covered!

But what if I want to share my own scat clips?

The best part about Yezz Clips is that it’s not just a place to go for lots of good quality scat and piss porn but also the spot you go if you want to sell your own shitting and pissing videos. Of course, there are rules to be followed – like no blood in any clip and so on. The rules are no different from those you’d find on any other porn site out there.

Setting up your own storefront to share and sell your clips super easy. There are no upfront costs like setup fees, and you get a healthy 60% commission from all your sold clips. I bet you didn’t think taking a crap or a piss paid that much, but you literally could be getting paid to shit!

Yezz Clips Bonus Content

This site is a pay as you go site, so the whole “have to get a membership concept is tossed out the window. Because of this, there is no bonus content, and you only pay for what you want. There are a lot of options for piss porn movies and scat porn movies here; this is more popular than I thought. There are some really messy and nasty porn scenes here.

Yezz Clips Discounts

Since there are many people selling porn clips on the site, there is not as much here in terms of discounts, but you will get the discounts available by going to the site from Mr. Porn Geek. Again, few places offer this kind of porn content, so if you want the best piss porn movies and the top scat porn clips, Yezz Clips is a place you will want to head to.

The Best of Yezz Clips

It might not need to be said, but this is some incredibly unique porn content. There are not a lot of sites out there that provide this amount; there is a TON of amateur scat porn content here. If you like the thought of pissing on people or getting pissed on for sexual pleasure, this has what you want. If you like the thought of the this for scat, same thing.

Many people like being able to pay for porn as they go. You get to preview the clips first to decide if you want to buy, which is excellent. The site does not hide what it is all about in the slightest. Once you get past the first page saying that you are above 18 years of age, you will see scat and piss preview images. By now, you know that I like my advanced search engines, and there is one here. Always a good feature.

The Worst of Yezz Clips

The site here looks like it has been around for a very long time. The design is outdated, and many improvements could be made. Some people like full website memberships. Unfortunately, this is harder to do for piss and scat porn websites. There are pros and cons to the store concept. Some of the stores are fantastic, and others need a lot of work to improve what they are selling. Check out the top stores first. The previews for the movies here last for half the entire movie or less. It makes sense, as people are selling their clips, but some people want to see more.

The Bottom Line about Yezz Clips

This is not a fetish that I have personally, but I know a lot of people love some of the more messy things in life, and there is no judgment here. If seeing great scat porn movies gets you off, there are a lot of them to enjoy. For people that want to find great piss porn movies, this is a great place too. The best part is that you only have to pay for what you want.

Mr. Porn Geek’s parting thoughts on Yezz Clips:

The unique platform upon which buying and selling is executed means you’ll never have an issue again with finding good quality scat pornography. Buy your scenes here today and make a custom order – you know you want to!

Review Pros

  • Custom orders
  • Lots of producers

Review Cons

  • Dated site design