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Girls Top: premium erotic art galleries

Back in the early days of the Internet when videos weren’t that high quality, erotic art websites really did dominate the adult market. That changed a little after hardcore pornography was decent enough to be distributed through the Web, but don’t get it twisted: there’s still a market and plenty of supply for sensual photography and galleries devoted to the exploration and appreciation of femininity. Today, I’m going to tell you about a website that leans into this niche as its core focus. It’s called Girls Top and I’m excited to showcase exactly what it has to offer – read below for Mr. Porn Geek’s full and thorough analysis.

Explaining the niche of Girls Top

So most of what you’re going to see on this website isn’t hardcore content – you will see tits, ass and pussy, but the focus isn’t so much on the, shall we say, brutal nature of sex – instead, it’s about appreciating the female form and how attractive girls can be as a solo entity. When you land on the homepage, you’ll see a variety of shoots featuring a large range of women: note that Girls Top utilizes third-party services for its provision of media, but curates them at a single spot. This means that you’re going to see a lot of models from many different backgrounds: Latinas, ebonies, Europeans, Asians and beyond. There’s something for everyone here, so it doesn’t matter too much what type of girl gets you excited, trust the team at Girls Top to provide you with the media you’re after.

Looking at Girls Top Galleries

If you find a gallery that interests you, click on it to see all of the pictures associated with the upload. These are presented in a mosaic format that’s quite cool – selecting any of them will supersize your selection and bring up a light box that you can then use to navigate through the entire gallery. Girls Top also has a slideshow feature if that’s something that you’re interested in – hands free displays of the best girls around, how awesome is that? Alongside each gallery, you’ll also see a number of different meta data points: total picture count, tags associated with the release and the model in question. Note that cross-referencing models on these sites can be hard, since they sometimes use different names, initialed surnames and yeah – it’s less easy to find the same girl twice than you would be able to for a regular pornstar.

Image quality at Girls Top

Image quality could be better – they’ve been downsized quite a lot from their original source, likely to save on bandwidth. I found that source material was regularly 1920 x 1278 pixels, although file sizes were aggressively small – just 60 KB in some instances. Webp is the format used and although it does support lossless, it’s quite clear that these images are lossy. Even looking at them on a 1440p monitor, without zooming in, showed defects in the images. This is disappointing, especially when you consider that source material can be 5 to 10 megabytes in size. I understand that bandwidth costs money, but a 60 KB image when this is the entire point of what you’re looking at – it’s disappointing to say the least. I did find some images around 2667 x 4000 pixels at a 240 KB size – but again, it’s quite clear that these aren’t the best that the site can be doing.

Looking at the top models on Girls Top

Although I said that the models in this niche are harder to archive and add to databases, there are some ladies here who have dozens, if not hundreds of uploads. Names that you might be familiar with include the likes of Mila Azul, Anya A, Lana Lane, Sofi Shane and Serena Wood. What’s disappointing is that there are quite a few Japanese girls here, but there’s no category for Japanese or for that matter, even Asian. Surely this is an intentional choice as opposed to an oversight – it’s disappointing, because variety when it comes to sex girls is the best part!

Mr. Porn Geek’s conclusion on Girls Top

With everything I’ve said in mind – how well does Girls Top stack up against other sites in its niche? Truth be told, I like what they’ve got here. The site design is average, but the fact of the matter is that they have a huge database of erotic art galleries and plenty of gorgeous girls from a number of studios. There are things they could do better, but given this niche and how it’s fallen out of favor in the last decade or so – I’m happy to give Girls Top my official seal of approval. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in my next review!

Review Pros
  • Free erotic art galleries
  • Daily content updates
  • Fantastic model variety
Review Cons
  • No ethnicity filter
  • Average overall design
  • Poor image quality