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A picture is worth a thousand faps

We are basically horny all the time. Ask any man, any real man, if he’s down to fuck at any point during the day, and he would have his trousers down even before you finish the question. So, the fact that we like to jerk off should not really be surprising. Now, a jerking off session can come about in many different ways.

It’s usually something that that triggers it, like a nice ass on the waitress, a cashier that smiled just a bit brighter for you, a hot looking paralegal in a tight skirt that hangs around the coffee break room. Those are what we call forced faps and they are over within a minute. You are already pumped and as soon as you grab your cock, the image of you cumming all over her slutty face makes it easy for you to complete the task at hand.

What’s this got to do with ImageFap?

Well, it’s easy to spank one out when you are inspired and already halfway there. But there are other times you jerk off sessions are not as forced and easy. For example, you are suddenly left alone for about half an hour. The house unexpectedly clears out and you have the freedom the whip your cock out and crank a good load.

But you haven’t seen that waitress for days. The inspiration is just not there. Well, that’s when you load up ImageFap, open up your favorite gallery and start stroking. As soon as you see the first couple of images, especially if you did your research before and already know where to look, your dick will start howling. It’s just the nudge you need to get the perverted juices flowing.

What’s so special about ImageFap?

Nothing and everything. And they are both a good thing. First of all, the site layout is so simple and intuitive, you will love it. You probably, as most of us are, jerk off a lot and you are used to visiting various sites that have all sorts of plugins, fancy designs, lots of really dumb and quite frankly annoying features that take forever to load up on your computer. The situation is even worse when you use your phone.

That’s why ImageFap rocks. It’s so easy and phone friendly, it loads up in an instant, it looks simple, everything is where it’s supposed to be, there are no plugins, no dumb ads (there are some, but nothing that hinders the experience,) and no additional offers. NO, I DO NOT WANT TO FUCK A CUTIE FROM MY NEIGHBORHOOD. Those ads are fucking annoying when they pop up, right? So ImageFap is special for its refusal to be unique if you get the point.

OK, but what about the images? Are they hot?

Like the surface of the Sun. Here is the thing; ImageFap is really a user-submitted gallery index. So, it’s not like a dirty magazine with images of models that are being photoshopped to look like flawless goddesses. It’s an image collection of babes, teens, moms, college sluts, and all the rest of the categories you might think off. But the best part is, these are basically images that amateurs took (for the most part) and these hotties were kinky enough to pose for the shots.

So that makes it hot. Watching an image of a woman that is a professional model and that you have no chance to meet is not good enough anymore. These images you see on ImageFap, those women are DTW (down to fuck). When you see a babe that looks like that paralegal you’ve been fantasizing about, and you find out that she gets nasty and takes explicit images, instant boner.

Are there categories, or just stuff thrown around?

Listen, ImageFap has more categories than some of the other porn sites have images. And in regards to useful indexing and navigation, none can match them. Amateur porn category alone has more than 2.5 million galleries. not images, galleries! You can check out amateur porn category here.

There are tons of categories, and the best part is, all of them are cross-referenced. Once pick a category, you can narrow down your search with additional filters. for example; you start with amateur, then you proceed with oral, and then pick mature. The end product of your search is a number of galleries portraying hot mature women giving head in public places, cars, parks, beaches. etc. And that’s real amateur babes, not like that fake amateur designation other porn sites have. These are real babes, DTF women, kinda like ones you meet every day and fantasize about. So, to answer the original question; yes, there are categories and they are accurate AF.

What if I want something specific?

Oh, the right question, finally. The true value of ImageFap lies in the variety of images, and the accessibility that is deeply embedded in the roots of the galleries database. To cut the technical mumbo-jumbo, you can simply search for images and the search engine is amazing. Ever tried entering bizarre feet into an image search engine? You get gross images of fucked up feet.

ImageFap does something entirely different. Their search engine recognizes that you want to look at babes with nice feet and bizarre sex fetishes and that’s exactly what you get as a result. There is even a better example. Go to ImageFap, search for cum swapping. Thank me later.

How can i navigate around ImageFap like a boss?

Now let’s talk a little bit about what you should do with regard to checking out the porn images that are available here: when you find a niche that you’re interested in, click on it and you’ll be taken to the complete archive for that area. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if you can sort content based on rating, with the default sort based upon upload date.

If you look around you might be able to find a solution to this, but it should be really obvious so that people can find high-quality galleries that have been voted on by other people. Still, it’s a good place to find porn images that’ll help you jerk yourself off, so who am I to judge?

Want to view millions of XXX Photos?

Of course, you do! The numbers are pretty staggering on Image Fap, which I think makes it one of the best destinations to be. I mean, there are 2 million galleries in amateur and 20,000 in bukkake – think how many images in total this place has! I started my journey looking for some teen porn, because everyone loves that niche, right?

What I came across was close to 1,00,000 galleries – a huge number that just goes to show how popular ImageFap is. Now when you click on the gallery category, you’ll be prompted to take a look at various releases. Sample gallery names include ‘Sexy Girlfriend Posing’, ‘Kelsey Michaels Dildos’ and ‘Naked Gamer Bitchees”

You love porn pictures right?

You like images, you like fapping? How about you put the two together and we have ourselves a great time? That’s the aim of the game on, the only site you’ll ever need for all of your photography jerking requirements. Here, you’re going to find millions of images spread across lots of niches that are all conveniently stored in various galleries for you to properly enjoy.

Is this a “vanilla” site or is there like really nasty stuff?

So, you like the filthy stuff? Excuse Moi. Did you really think that I would be so stoked about this site if there wasn’t a sea of filth there, waiting to be discovered? There is plenty of perverted stuff there, and you are precisely the reason for that. Like I already pointed out, ImageFap houses user submitted galleries, meaning, if other people are into the same fucked-up stuff you like, you can bet your ass that there are images of it. For fuck sakes, there are more than 30 galleries that fall under bizarre cartoon category. BTW, if you are into bizarre cartoon porn, you can check out the galleries here.

And I have to mention a cool feature here. ImageFap is very conscientious about illegal stuff. For example, searching for child porn will immediately bring out a warning page stating that they strongly oppose posting, viewing and spreading of underage material, and log your IP address.

Why pick images over video?

Some people think that images are an outdated thing in the porn world, but those people are completely wrong. It’s a different type of medium and it has a different feel to it. At times, and this is not just me talking, men prefer a different type of masturbatory experience and images offer that. Again, I think the fact that these are simply real women, real images taken by men like us, perverted animals, offers a different type of inspiration.

Porn videos mostly feature women that do it as a job. Image fap is full of hot cashier babes, paralegals, waitresses, college hotties the doors down, etc. Perhaps the best example of this is the swingers category. Most swinger category videos are just fake, a bunch of pornstars pretending to be swingers. Swinger galleries found ImageFap are the real deal, well most of them. And yeah, videos are good, but have you tried jerking off in the bathroom of a restaurant with video blasting? It’s very discrete, isn’t it? Check out swingers category here

OK, I’m interested, how much does it cost?

Oh, yeah, the cherry on the cake, the facial at the end of a great fucking session. ImageFap is free. Not like a free trial, not like free if you subscribe, not like free if you leave all your data. Not even free like many other sites that open up a bunch of ads and get their money that way. Absolutely free; no fees, no trials, no ads, no accounts.

And that’s the real beauty. Naturally, creating an account has its perks and you really should get one just to make navigating to your favorite galleries easier, but you can access them just the same in incognito mode. And the other thing, even though you didn’t ask, the content is absolutely fresh. Thousands of galleries are added every day. Just go to the main page and scroll all the way down. That long list contains only the images added today!

NO charge, you’re welcome. And the fact that the site looks like it’s made in 1991, you might hate it at first, but you will learn to love it. This is done on purpose and it’s just another thing that doesn’t mess up your focus when you are trying to spill your load. The fact that there is plenty of content, that it’s super organised, and that its free, that alone should be enough for you to jerk off.

Review Pros
  • Millions of galleries
  • Updates every hour
Review Cons
  • No 'top' feature
  • Some adverts