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I try to keep reviews on Mr. Porn Geek at around 200 words, but trying to describe 4Chan in that time is a very, very hard task. This place was pretty much where all of the weirdos, creeps, Internet geeks and so on shared random stuff for the last 10 or so years. /b/ is by far the biggest collection of nerds and freaks around, and while you will find a little porn here, it’s usually weird stuff like furries and whatnot. I think that most visitors here are going to want to go to Sexy Beautiful Women and Hardcore, or /s/ and /hc/ respectively.

Sexy Beautiful Women is just that: sexy beautiful women. You cannot post much hardcore porn here, it’s just about sharing girls that are hot and enjoying themselves. Funnily enough, many years ago, /hc/ came as a result of the fact that so much hardcore content was being put into /s/ and the diehard users that didn’t want to see cock (because that’s totally gay, bro) got real butthurt and so the hardcore board was born. As the name implies, this is all real fuck fuck stuff where chicks take it deep in their holes. Amateur and professional material alike. I love 4Chan, so go ahead newfag: get your porn here.

Review Pros

  • A billion posts
  • Established website
  • Lots of amateur porn

Review Cons

  • Only two good porn boards
  • Lots of hentai areas