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Intro to 4chan porn

I try to keep reviews on Mr. Porn Geek at around 200 words, but trying to describe 4Chan in that time is a very, very hard task. This place was pretty much where all of the weirdos, creeps, Internet geeks and so on shared random stuff for the last 10 or so years. /b/ is by far the biggest collection of nerds and freaks around, and while you will find a little porn here, it’s usually weird stuff like furries and whatnot. I think that most visitors here are going to want to go to Sexy Beautiful Women and Hardcore, or /s/ and /hc/ respectively.

Sexy Beautiful Women is just that: sexy beautiful women. You cannot post much hardcore porn here, it’s just about sharing girls that are hot and enjoying themselves. Funnily enough, many years ago, /hc/ came as a result of the fact that so much hardcore content was being put into /s/ and the diehard users that didn’t want to see cock (because that’s totally gay, bro) got real butt hurt and so the hardcore board was born. As the name implies, this is all real fuck fuck stuff where chicks take it deep in their holes. Amateur and professional material alike.

But wait, there’s more…

I’ve told you how the 4chan hardcore porn board came about but there’s a lot more naughtiness here to dig into. Let’s start with the uber popular 4chan hentai board or /d/. There’s a shit load of drawn smut here – different threads cater to different tastes. There’s a thread for futanari streams and one for amputees. I even saw one for big butts and thick thighs. That’s the fairly tame stuff. If you’re interested in something darker, you can count on the 4chan hentai nerds to hook you up with that too. I won’t get much into the darker stuff because some of it is illegal in most countries but if you want to know what I’m talking about, do a quick search through this board and you’ll find it. While we’re on the topic of anime porn – be sure to visit my hentai category if that’s what you’re into.

And if manga and toons don’t do shit for your dick, don’t worry because 4chan is full of a ton of sexy pics and vids you can beat your meat off to. The torrents board or /t/ is home to all sorts of nastiness from bukkake to puking and everything in between. There’s tamer stuff here too – what I like to call the 4chan sexy side. This side of the site is where you can check out hot naked babes flaunting their assets, just like the sexy babes in /s/.

By now you’re probably thinking that this board is all about women and the men who want to ogle them and you’d be wrong my friend because there’s an entire section dedicated to handsome men. Its basically the gay hangout on 4chan and if that’s your cup of tea then you’ll have to bookmark /hm/. I feel obligated to break this down a bit just as I did for all the other boards so here goes: there’s more to this board than just sexy men.

Sure, a ton of the pics here are of dudes flexing naked but there’s some fetish stuff too like the dude who likes to drink cum from used condoms and of course there are plenty of dick pics too. Well, that’s not really a surprise considering what kind of board this is! So there you have it folks, 4chan sexy fun isn’t limited to one sex. Its available for both men and women so whether you’re a man who loves beautiful women or a man who loves hot men, or someone who plays for both teams – these guys have got you covered.

What about all the 4chan adult gif hype?

Are you really sure you want to go down this road? Just kidding, I know you do and I’m not even mad at you for being curious at all. The 4chan gif board is one of the hippiest places on this massive site. Its also very NSFW as you can imagine. The gifs here don’t hold back one bit. Case in point, right now the most popular 4chan adult gif is one of Adriana Chechik rubbing a pussy until it squirts in her face, then she moves onto sucking cock and swapping cum with another hot chick. Its fast and nasty, all at once and once you see, you’ll understand why the visitors here can’t get enough of it. The /gif/ board seems to be a good spot for pussy creampie gifs, footjob gifs and the like but don’t go there for teens because that’s apparently where 4chan draws the line.

The Geek hearts 4chan

I love 4Chan because it has a ton to offer both when it comes to non porn stuff and of course porn. I’m more than positive that you’ll find whatever fetish you’re into on the boards here, so go ahead newfag: get your porn here.

Review Pros
  • A billion posts
  • Established website
  • Lots of amateur porn
Review Cons
  • Only two good porn boards
  • Lots of hentai areas