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420Chan originally started off as a place for people to talk about drugs and while there’s still a lot of discussions about all types of pills, herbs and whatnot, there are locations on 420Chan.org that deal entirely with pornography. The areas to visit are adult gay, adult straight and hentai – not the biggest collection of X-rated material, but it’s definitely better than nothing. Oh, if you’re also looking for information on transsexuality, there’s quite a big area devoted to that where you can talk about hormones, tucking and makeup. The transgender area currently has over 400,000 posts – pretty fucking big.

The adult (straight) area on 420Chan is supported by over 230,000 posts, most of which are amateur in nature. Content niches range from camgirls like Miss Alice all the way through to suicide girls, insertion videos and fit chicks. Because everything on 420Chan is completely anonymous, you can come and share whatever you want without it being traced back to you by someone else on the board. There are a few spam posts here, but it’s generally pretty good for content and the rest of 420Chan is great too.

Review Pros
  • Great community
  • Lots of posts
Review Cons
  • Only one real porn board
  • Some spam posts