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My experience at Preg Chan

Howdy all – Mr. Porn Geek here and today, I’m going to be taking you on a tour of a website known as Preg Chan. As you can probably tell from the name alone, this is a place that is entirely devoted to adult content where the women involved are pregnant. We’re talking all stages of knocked-up Nicoles here, although I’ll be honest with you: Pregchan does appear to favor more animated forms of pregnancy porn than anything else. If you’re hoping to learn more about the platform, then please continue down below for the complete Mr. Porn Geek review – I’ll give you my professional opinion on and let you know whether or not I recommend it as a place to go for adult content.

The homepage experience at Pregchan

Upon landing at the homepage on Pregchan, you’ll be presented with a large content area devoted to showcasing some of the latest images that have been added to the website. For those familiar with chan websites, it has the same style and approach to content display as all the image boards out there, like 4chan and so on. Scroll down a little and you’ll see the latest posts – I went ahead and clicked in the most recent 5 and noticed a gap in submissions of around 3 hours from the first post to the last post – this place isn’t the most active by any means, but I’d estimate there are around 30 to 60 new entries on a 24-hour period. Peak times in America seem to have the most amount of action – go figure.

There isn’t much else to talk about from the homepage, except the stats at the bottom that display the total number of posts and number of posters. is rapidly approaching close to 100,000 individual entries from 9,000+ members – that’s quite a decent rate, especially considering just how niche the material is that’s being covered here. At the very top of the website, you’ll see the standard single-letter links to various boards that you can check out. Preg Chan currently has 7 boards that I figure I might as well break down in closer detail further down.

Exploring the boards on Pregchan

The first one is /b/, also known as random, where you’ll find around 3,000 posts in total. Stuff here isn’t really supposed to be related to pregnant rule 34 stuff, but you might find the odd entry that’ll get your dick hard. Posts that I saw which are pretty typical of boards like this include discussions about video games, other destinations on the Internet to find pregnant porn and political stuff about voting in America. All in all, a pretty standard setup for a random section on an image chan.

Next we’ve got /c/ – chat – where there are around 9,000 posts. Things here range from erotic literature, recruitments for developing material, recommendations for TV shows and that type of thing. I can’t see too much of a difference between /b/ and /c/, so it’s wise to think of them as being basically the same place. I’ll also lump /q/ which is site feedback into this segment, since the other four boards are devoted entirely to pornography – so let’s just go ahead and look at those ones while we’re here!

/d/, which is for drawn pregnant pornography, houses over half of the total messages that Preg Chan has ever had. There are close to 60,000 entries as of July 2019, which is a pretty spicy collection. The concept is simple – people share hentai that contains pregnant fetishes, rule 34 content and stuff they’re provided themselves. With so many different artists and approaches to pregnant content, it’s hard for me to say that it’s good or bad – especially since I don’t know what most pregnant porn fetishists are actually looking for when it comes to jerking off to this type of thing. All I can say is that if a huge community of drawn pregnant porn fans is submitting original content to this particular board, it’s probably pretty damn good.

In additional to drawn pregnant smut, also has a /f/ destination for all of the furry lovers out there that need to be gated from the rest of humanity. For those that don’t know terminology, furry porn is basically anything involving animals, or animal-like beings. More often than not it’s anthropomorphized domesticated animals, like cats and dogs, although you’ll also find werewolves and a few interesting mythical beasts. Pregchan also has a place called /o/ or Oekaki – only 100 posts were here, so I’m not going to bother talking about it.

The final board at Preg Chan

The final location to get pregnant porn here from is the real category. I’m surprised that there are only around 12,000 submissions in this particular area – I’d have imagined it would have been a hell of a lot higher. Some of the threads that I came across were things like pregnant teens, female to male transsexuals, knocked up Korean girls and so on – quite a mixed bag of material and honestly, not all of it is supposed to be erotic. Plenty of the posts here are just images that seem to come from social media, so if that floats your boat then you’re going to be swimming in terrific material that’ll have you blowing loads in no time at all.

Closing remarks on Preg Chan

Okay gang – that’s just about me done when it comes to coverage of Preg Chan, I think I’ve talked about enough here and I’ve given you a pretty good idea of what you can expect to find inside this website should you decide to visit it. Image board generally appeal to younger, high IQ edgelords who have achieved nothing and just like to jerk off to porn all day – if that sounds like you, then you’re going to the right place online to get your hands on the content that you seek. Thanks for dropping by and be sure to always come back for more information from Mr. Porn Geek on where you ought to go for pregnant porn!

Review Pros
  • Lots of images
  • Active community
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Limited video content
  • Mainly drawn material