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Audio Review started way back in 1992, making this place one of the oldest destinations on the Internet to find gay erotic stories. To date, there are over 235,000 X-rated batches of text submitted by more than 10,000 authors: all of which exists to turn you on and get you to bust a nut. The site’s design is a little old and the layout is probably not in line with design aesthetics of the modern age, but it seems as if that’s the case for every erotic literature site on the web today anyway, so I’m not going to deduct points … just yet.

The site is broken down into a lot of sections, with the most common way of finding content being via the categories page. Now, I should point out that all of the content here is gay in focus: that also includes transsexual novels and lesbian entertainment, but if you’re a straight guy looking for just that, you might want to head somewhere else. Anyway, categories include athletics, camping, high school, rural and even some watersports stuff: whatever you fancy, chances are that Nifty has it. Take a look, it’s pretty much the best place to find gay erotic literature.

Review Pros
  • Thousands of stories
  • Updates regularly
Review Cons
  • Not much straight content
  • Dated site design