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Novel Trove, like the name suggests, is a trove of novels. Okay, so that’s not really useful to you as a sentence, but what you should know is the fact that all of these stories are … erotic! Yeah, that’s right, Mr. Porn Geek is back again with another site that’s devoted to nothing but the best in erotic literature. Books are bigger than ever and reading’s hot, so it stands to reason that there are several sites online that take a look at what happens when a writer gets their hand on something erotic. Fancy trying a different type of fapping material? It might just be that is the destination for you.

Self-describing itself as a “free to use, annoying-ad free erotic story site”, this hub of smutty stories has around 200 titles in total for you to read through, conveniently split into different areas to make finding the right sexual text real easy. There’s straight, gay and bisexual posts, as well as plenty of kinky stuff and BDSM to boot. I checked out the ‘toys’ area and was pleased with the text I read. It seems as if Novel Trove is fairly new to the erotic literature game and while their numbers are low, the text itself is stellar and presented real clean and simple. Soft on the eyes and designed much better than many other sex story archives.

Review Pros

  • Quite a lot of BDSM
  • Nice site design

Review Cons

  • Very small archive
  • Fairly new site