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MC Stories is an erotic site that, in its own words, showcases explicit descriptions of sexual situations that involve erotic mind control. They make it clear from the start that the concept of erotic mind control isn’t moral and highly likely impossible, with all of the stories being fantasy material only and for those that wish to enjoy the niche as a theory rather than an actual practice.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look inside the world of erotic mind control stories!

Initial impressions of Mc Stories

I like a site that doesn’t mince its words so its no wonder that I found myself gravitating towards McStories. Now of course I’m not big on erotic mind control – or any kind of mind control for that matter but if you are, good for you mate. I like how simple and straight forward the homepage is. It tells you exactly what kind of content you’re going to come across and then proceeds to list three disclaimers that are actually hilarious – serious, but you can’t help but find the humor in how harshly some of the disclaimers are worded. This is your intro to this mind control porn story archive and once you’re done with the disclaimers, you’ll notice links to the different sections of the site.

Exploring what Mcstories has to offer

The site features its stories in lists based upon titles, authors and categories. I went to the categories area and found stuff such as femdom (2,300 stories), humiliation (335 stories) and science fiction (378 stories).

I counted a total of 26 categories and pretty much most of them fall on the fetish side of things. You have the more mainstream fetishes like lactation, bondage and even watersports and then you have categories that tiptoe that legality line depending on where you live – we’re talking bestiality and non consensual here. Then you also have incest, humor and stories about enlargement.

But wait, I spotted some more mainstream stories that fall into the masturbation category as well as some female/female, male/male and male/female sex stories. Of course some of these have a domination angle to them.

Want to take a crash course in Scatology? Click on the sc tag and you’ll find yourself staring at a stash of 39 stories with all the scat goodness you desire. Then of course there is one category that really had me stumped – that’s the time stop category. Its 46 stories are long but well worth the read.

The bottom line remains though that this is a site known for its mind control xxx stories so its no wonder then that that’s the fattest category here. It holds an astounding 11,396 mind control porn stories and to get to them, you just have to click on the “mc: mind control” tag and away you go.

Erotic mind control stories

As I noted earlier, there’s a category devoted entirely to mind control, although some of the other material also features that concept. From the moment you click on that mc tag onward, stories are sorted alphabetically.  There’s no other way to browse through them so be prepared to do a whole lot of scrolling as you try to gauge what erotic mind control story you should start with.

You’ll also notice different color codes on each story as well as various abbreviations. Its confusing if you’re new to Mcstories and you’re not familiar with the site lingo but those two letter codes are actually just the other categories the stories fall in. Take for example Zero – it’s an erotic mind control story that’s tagged as belonging to the “mc and ff” categories. That means its also a female/female story.

The color codes are explained at the very bottom – green means those erotic mind control stories feature a female dominant and yellow is what you click on for stories with a male dominant. Cyan is for those who enjoy male/male mind control porn stories and if you’re craving a female/male erotic mind control story then any with a purple shade will do.

The best mind control sex stories

I highly suggest you go to the ‘Reader’s Picks’ section to only find the best of the best on the site. I have no idea what criteria is used to determine what the cream of the crop is here but I know that any erotic mind control story you click on in this section is bound to be juicy as hell. The stories here are listed by year of latest updated and from that I learned that the freshest pick is from 2018 and the oldest pick dates all the way back to 2002.

Best is subjective so what you consider best may not necessarily be what another person considers to be best but in the end the readers decided that these stories deserve to be in the readers hall of fame so they picked them.

A really neat fact here is that the pickers don’t just randomly list their favorite stories. No, they actually take things a little further by giving reasons as to why they picked a particular story as one of their faves.

Mc Stories authors

Pop quiz: did you know that you can contact all the authors on ? Yes you can. Their email addresses are listed right in their profiles. The authors page lists all their names alphabetically and their story count is right next to each name. Most authors have just one story posted but a few of them have between 5 and 10 stories posted for your enjoyment.

There are some overachievers in the bunch like EyeofSerpent who has written 69 stories – most of which are all about male and female domination. That’s nothing compared to Robotunit8 who’s the current champ with 85 mind control stories written to date. Those are the top two contributors here and their stories are definitely worth checking out.

How often are new stories added?

That’s a great question that I unfortunately have no answer to. There is no set update schedule anywhere on this hub so its hard to know when new stories are added to the archives but there’s a wonderful section on the site called “what’s new” and this is the perfect place to go to find all the newest additions. On the day I visited, there were 35 new additions to the site but before you get excited and think those were all new stories, you need to know that some of them where just new chapters to already existing stories. Yes, those count as new additions too.

They use the blanket term “new additions” to cover everything from a single chapter being added to an existing story to a new, never before published story being added to the archive. Each addition is clearly labeled so there is no confusion.

The MC forum and Garden of MC

Mc Stories is a community of mind control fans but the writers have their own special hangout too. Actually make that two hangouts. There’s the MCForum – access to which is restricted to members only. So, as a non registered guest, all you see are admin threads but if you want to see what other members are saying, you have to sign up for an account. Its free of charge.

The Garden of MC is more targeted towards writers who want to share their mind control writings, poetry, images and even games. The scribbler’s cove is loaded with gems referred to as hot flashes. The short hot flashes are stories under 700 words and the long hot flashes are mind control stories between 700 and 1500 words. If you’re thinking about writing in this particular genre, this is a great place to network.

The bottom line

McStories is a one stop shop for kinky stories that push the boundaries of what society considers normal. The stories here are not your usual guy meets girl, they fall in love and live happily ever after kind of stories. No, they’re darker, they have victims and men -or women – who dominate them. There is no prince charming here, unless he has mind control powers that he uses on some male or female to get his way. Its dark, its passionate, it’s intriguing, it’s fantasy on a level you’ve never experienced before. I think it’s safe to say that if you’re only looking for stories about mind control, this is the best hub of text for you.

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