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I’m not entirely sure why they went with ‘A Sex Stories’ for the title of this site, because any writer would know that stories is plural, and you shouldn’t start that title with an ‘A’. That said, the quality of the writing here is better than the title would have you believe. Yes – it’s Mr. Porn Geek’s daily reminder that erotic story writing is still a thing and to be honest, it’s bigger and better than ever. Every single possible porn niche and fetish has been done, so how about we just go back to good old-fashioned approaches to enjoying oneself? Nothing’s more natural than reading a good bit of text – especially when it’s naughty.

At ASexStories.com, you’re going to find thousands of stories in a bunch of different categories. They have spanking stories, bdsm stories, love stories, ghost stories, short stories, face sitting stories, threesome stories, Indian stories and a whole lot more. Basically, whatever type of story you have in mind, asexstories has it. I was real intrigued by the “real stories” section though because reading about real people’s sex adventures is sometimes better than reading fiction! Turns out that the world is full of horny freaks, just like I suspected! All stories are tagged, they can be rated and even more feedback is encouraged in the form of reviews.

The site also has a place to check out specific authors. As of this review, they have over 14,000 authors contributing to their database so if you enjoy the cut of one’s jib, be sure to visit their page and see what other erotic story concoctions they’ve come up with. Asexstories even encourages you to rate each author. New stories here come in about once per day, although there are some periods where a couple of days go by until something new is added. Thankfully, you can take a peek at the moderation queue and read the stories there but honestly, the archive is plenty large enough that you’d likely run

Review Pros

  • Many different site niches
  • Still updates

Review Cons

  • Bad site name
  • Design could be better