Literotica Review


Literotica has been around for years – and I really do mean that! This was the original place on the Internet to go if you wanted to read X-rated material and through all the years, it’s managed to maintain that spot at the top of the food chain. Now I know what you’re thinking: why would you read a sex story instead of just watching porn? To that, I ask why would you read ANYTHING if there’s a movie of it? Yeah, erotic literature is great and if you’re not already reading it, you should be. Trust me, you can really get a good tug out of reading a naughty passage or two.

Anyway, Literotica organises all of its content into convenient categories such as anal, BDSM, fetish, group sex, mature and more. When you hit the stories page, use the left-hand pane to take a look through all of the different categories available. A word of warning here: there are literally thousands of stories available to be read on Literotica. They’re sorted based on age, but you can also choose to go through them alphabetically or look at the most popular posts in each category. I recommend you look at the ultimate top list to start with: that should show you what the quality of erotic literature here is like.

Review Pros

  • Thousands of stories
  • Updates regularly
  • Most popular site

Review Cons

  • Ugly site design
  • A little hard to navigate