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Adult DVD Talk

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I remember Adult DVD Talk from way back in the day – I even used this forum for a brief amount of time when I was setting up a store. I’m actually surprised that it still exists, but it seems like people love porn DVDs and don’t mind talking about them. At the time of this review, Adult DVD Talk had just over 3 million posts in 200,000 topics, with all of those being supplied by the 45,000 members that have signed up to the forum. The main focus is to discuss releases and DVDs so that others can know what you think and of course, so you can get an idea of what scenes are best to check out.

The sub-forums here include an area for gay DVDs, a list of pornstars, ideas of where to shop and there’s even a place to swap videos with others. From what I can tell, Adult DVD Talk is a pretty member-driven forum that has a lot of fans who enjoy porn and talking about it. It might be a bit hard to be considered a regular, but if you manage to make it, these guys are likely to help you locate the best adult DVDs around. For my money, this is a pretty niche concept but if you’re interested in talking, reviewing and sharing disks, few destinations are going to beat it.

Review Pros

  • Great forum concept
  • Lots of posters
  • Good community

Review Cons

  • Not much gay discussion
  • A few spammy posts