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I remember AdultDVDTalk from way back in the day – I even used this forum for a brief amount of time when I was setting up a store. I’m actually surprised that it still exists, but it seems like people love porn DVDs and don’t mind talking about them. At the time of this review, Adult DVD Talk had just over 3 million posts in 200,000 topics, with all of those being supplied by the 45,000 members that have signed up to the forum. The main focus is to discuss releases and DVDs so that others can know what you think and of course, so you can get an idea of what scenes are best to check out.

The sub-forums here include an area for gay DVDs, a list of pornstars, ideas of where to shop and there’s even a place to swap videos with others as well as a place to discuss non porn stuff like mainstream pop culture . The simple site design makes browsing a breeze and a search box is provided to help you navigate the site. From what I can tell, AdultDVDTalk is a pretty member-driven forum that has a lot of fans who enjoy porn and talking about it. It might be a bit hard to be considered a regular, but if you manage to make it, these guys are likely to help you locate the best adult DVDs around.

But wait, there’s more – adultdvdtalk is also where pornstars and porn directors hang out. Want to get the 411 from Angela White about the inspiration behind her uber successful porn career? This is the place to be. As a matter of fact, she’s posted on the adult dvd Talk forum a whopping 251 times! And she’s just one of the many performers who take time out of their busy schedules to interact with fans here and answer any and all questions, even the super uncomfortable stuff people post under the anonymity of a random forum username. Casey Calvert, Jane Wilde, Mia Malkova and Gianna Dior are some of the pornstars who were engaging with fans the day I visited AdultDVDTalk.

My point is this, the adult dvd forum is much more than just a place to talk about the latest adult dvd release. Yes, that’s primarily why it exists but over the years its evolved into a community that bridges the gap between the performers and the people who support them by shelling out big bucks for smut dvds. Its a win-win situation for everyone involved.

By the way, if you’re hunting for a free porn dvd handout, this ain’t the place for you mate. But if you’re looking for some really good coupons to save you a bit of cash, this place has a special section loaded with a shitload of coupons to various sites so don’t go shopping for adultdvd movies without checking out the coupons available here. It looks like they get updated every so often so keep checking and you may just score a sweet discount!

But let’s get back to the real reason this forum exists – to tell you if a particular dvd is worth your hard earned money or not. So before you shop, check out the reviews of all the new dvds. You can find them on the right hand side on the home page. The most popular reviews are also in that same area but further down. If you’re just interested in the top price searches, these guys have got you covered too. And the best thing about this forum is that it covers every single niche imaginable.

To stay a head of the game, they even give you a preview of an upcoming dvd release. These guys sure know how to keep their members hooked! For my money, this is a pretty niche concept but if you’re interested in talking, reviewing and sharing disks, or if you just want to interact with your fave performers and ask them about their work, few destinations are going to beat it.

Review Pros
  • Great forum concept
  • Lots of posters
  • Good community
Review Cons
  • Not much gay discussion
  • A few spammy posts