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XNXX adult forum review

I know I’ve bitched about the blue color of XNXX on the site review of the main tube, but now I’m writing about the forum too, I get to bitch again! Okay, I won’t bitch about the color scheme, but what I will do is inform you that out of all the adult tubes out there, XNXX.com seems to have the biggest forum.

Currently, there are six sub-boards: general discussion, pics and movies, sex stories, sexuality, personals and forum games. Combined, there seems to be around 8 million posts, with each sub-forum having a post within the last 10 minutes. I wrote all that to say that this is one active forum. You can be part of all the action too if you’re willing to follow a few rules.

XXNX forum rules

The rules posted up on the xnxx adult forum are just like the rules you see on any other forum. You must be over 18 to join and if you’re allowed in, you’re guaranteed to enjoy an all inclusive community that doesn’t discriminate based on gender, race or sexual orientation. Sounds good so far, right?

You agreed not to post anything illegal or anything that promotes violence and by registering for an account at the xxnx forum, you agree not to spam the forum and to respect other members by not publicly asking for their personal information or contacts. Pretty standard rules like you see on any forum. So just agree to them and you’ll be off to enjoying what this site has to offer.

Navigating the XXNX forums

The good news is that the xxnx forums are condensed into just six sections so you don’t really have to jump through a ton of hoops to get to where you want to be. In fact a click or two is all it takes to get your hands on the really good stuff.

The pic and movie section is where you go to post photos and vids of yourself, your special lady and pretty much anything you want. Then the sex stories is pretty self explanatory – it’s home to erotic texts and naughty stories. To discuss sex and get tips on how to step up your bedroom game or maybe advice on how to find the g-spot, the sexuality forum is the place for all that. This is perhaps the most serious sub-forum in the whole forum xnxx bundle.

Don’t feel like reading about sex and would rather be doing the deed instead? Head over to the personals section where you can meet a fuck buddy to get it on with. This is by far the most popular sub forum with over 276,678 discussions and 1,069,482 messages.

There’s also a forum games section if you’re into that kind of thing. Like I said earlier, these sub forums are all very easily accessible as soon as you make your way over to the xxnx forums. Instead of jumping from section to section, you can choose to just use the search box to find whatever you’re interested in or alternatively, if you’re pressed for time, you can just check out the ticker on the right hand side that’s updated in real time with the newest forum posts as well as the freshest profile posts.

XNXX forums pictures and videos

The biggest place is the pics and movies post section, where members go ahead and showcase content they’ve found or request something they’d like to see. Forum titles range from “rate my cock” and “would you fuck my sister?” through to “20 year old gf” and “my video clips”.

Its the top rated x-rated destination on this forum and chances are when you landed on this review you were searching for forum xnxx porn and I have to be honest with you, the forum xnxx pornography search doesn’t make much sense but if you’re looking for pics and vids to wank off to, you’re definitely in the right spot. This particular sub forum has something for both exhibitionists and voyeurs. It has something for straight folks, gay folks and those who play for both teams.

A recurring theme across the threads seems to be men posting about their wives. Cumshots are also pretty big here. There are men blasting on women, men shooting their loads on other men and men nutting all over themselves. If you’re a fingering fan, you’ll be glad to know that there’s a 69-page thread dedicated exclusively to the art of fingering.

The xxnx forum certainly doesn’t disappoint when it comes to the variety of porn it serves up. There’s no bigger turn off than having fake users walking amongst the crowd and to combat that, there are two threads that supposedly show real women and real men of xnxx.

Amateurs on the XNXX adult forum

There are quite a few amateurs that post on XNXX, or at least I think it’s them – no verification means that there’s no way to know if it’s just some guy pretending to be a hot slut.

They’ve attempted to verify some members and you can see how well that’s gone by searching for all the “real women of xnxx” threads. There are four of them and that’s where you can find the female posters proving that they’re real. There are also four threads for “real men of xnxx” and again, they were set up to prove that there are real people using this site and forum. Of course the threads are filled with members arguing back and forth about the authenticity of pictures so take everything with a grain of salt here.

I have to say though that the xnxx forums as a whole have a rather decent amount of amateur content. In fact it seems to be the biggest draw here. There is a ton of professional smut here but the threads with the most views and discussions are almost always amateur threads.

The bottom line

I still think the color choice is horrible and I’m probably going to complain about it for as long as I live and the xxnx forums topic comes up but that ugly color aside, the forum is a treasure trove of amateur porn. Numbers are a good indicator of just how good a place is and the numbers on this forum are very impressive. 1,112,955 members can’t be wrong – they must know something the rest of us don’t. You can find out what they know by registering for your free account today. Or just stay in lurker mode and miss out on perks that come with membership. Anyway, if you love blue and porn videos from amateurs, might be a good idea to check out the XNXX forums.

Review Pros

  • Lots of posts
  • Some amateur content
  • Regular posts

Review Cons

  • Ugly blue color
  • Very few sub-forums