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Mr. Porn Geek visits POVR

What’s up, horny jerkers? It’s Mr. Porn Geek and yes – I’ve got my VR headset here and it’s ready to go! We’re looking at a hub by the name of POVR today, and from what I’ve heard, it’s a pretty stellar spot if you’re hunting down the finest virtual reality porn around. This niche has really started to swing over the last few years, and to say that there’s a lot of competition in the space is an understatement. I’m excited to see what POVR has in store for us, so if you’re interested in knowing if this place is worth a visit and a membership – continue reading! I’ll ensure that you’ve got the details and information required to decide if this virtual reality XXX video destination is for you.

First thoughts on POVR

So when you hit the homepage here, you’ll find a fairly typical design with a style that’s similar to tube sites. I should note that POVR is a little more ‘luxury’ than that – for instance, there are no user uploads here and all of the content is professional. Still, I’m impressed with the numbers that they claim to have, even if there is a bit of a discrepancy in the data. See, the search box at the top of the site has over “search 15,068 videos” displayed before you write anything in, but the ‘VR Porn’ section below shows just 14,454 uploads. I mean, these are hardly worlds apart – I’m just a little bit confused, that’s all! The good news is that these are incredible numbers even for a standard pro porn spot, but the fact that there are this many scenes here in VR formats – well, that’s just epic and stellar to say the very least. I’m liking what I’m seeing at POVR: they’ve got the right idea, that’s for damn sure.

The Netflix of VR: POVR

So POVR is basically trying to be a Netflix-style destination that hooks you up with a bunch of scenes from a number of different outlets – none of which they’re directly involved with. This means that you’re getting dozens of studios providing the content here, and if you’re someone that loves a lot of variety when it comes to the XXX VR content you consume, this is a pretty decent situation to be in. Some of the providers of content here include the likes of VR Latina, Deep In Sex, Swallow Bay, MILF VR and Lethal Hardcore. There is actually a ‘POVR Originals’ section, but I couldn’t tell you whether or not it’s actually this outlet that’s hooking you up with the material at hand.

Hunting down pornstars at POVR

As we all know, good pornstars are the bread and butter of virtual reality porn – especially when you know of a few girls that you love to see in action! That’s why I was incredibly happy to see the likes of Brandi Love, Ivy Lebelle, Jennifer White and Vina Sky shown here. There’s a ‘VR Pornstars’ section that I highly recommend you check out at some point: with thousands of girls to enjoy the content of, you’re going to have a great time selecting various filters and going through the list of all the babes that have performed in scenes hosted by POVR. You’re really spoiled for choice here, and the numbers are simply insane – there’s just so much content from POVR and I’m convinced that anyone who’s into top quality virtual reality smut is going to have an adventure and a half going through these pornstars and their epic material.

A final say on POVR

There are plenty of free samples here, and while this is a premium product – it’s more than worth the cost if you’re someone that wants to get their hands on a huge amount of content. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: virtual reality is the future of adult entertainment, and I know for a fact that places such as POVR are going to be killing it in the near future because they’re setting themselves up for success right here and right now.

So, would I recommend that you come to this place if you want to jerk off over VR content? Absolutely! Mr. Porn Geek is giving this place his personal seal of approval and I think it’s safe to say that what you’ll find here is some of the best VR entertainment money can buy. So what are you waiting for? Go get the virtual reality XXX videos you desire right now!

Review Pros
  • Huge VR collection
  • Lots of samples
  • Good pornstar database
Review Cons
  • Premium access model
  • Average search