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What is DarkRoomVR? A review

It stands to reason that if you’re going to be in the cutting edge business of virtual reality porn, you’re going to want to consider giving yourself a specific style and approach that other places cannot match. That’s the central premise here at DarkRoomVR: a place that shows you taboo and sensual action in an interestingly lit environment for the purposes of adding emotion and raw sex appeal to the whole visiting experience. For this spot, I highly recommend a quick visit to the tour to see if the style is your cup of tea: it’s different from the standard VR idea, but I love the approach and I’m excited to write up a full review. So, let’s get into it, shall we?

A premium VR experience

The first thing I want to note about DarkRoomVR is the fact that you’re going to have to pay in order to get access. This is incredibly common when it comes to virtual reality content, and I don’t think that it’s that crazy when you think about it: good porn costs cash! Virtual reality uploads are also huge, and bandwidth isn’t cheap! Still, I think the prices are pretty decent, and you can get a better bang for your buck if you sign up for longer. The good news is that the tour has a bunch of previews for you to check out, so go right ahead and do that if you want to get an idea of what DarkRoomVR is offering.

The member’s area of DarkRoomVR

The member’s area here loads up quickly and is very obviously devoted to giving you instant, no bullshit access to the content. The preview panes come with a title, the name of the pornstar and then rating/comment figures. It’s a decent overall experience with not much going on, but that’s what you want when it comes to the interior of a porn website, right? These dudes don’t have to reinvent the wheel: just make sure that I can download your videos and then that’s all that I’m really worried or interested in. New scenes are added here once a week and it has been that way for quite some time. Regular uploads are important, and if you’re running a VR spot like Dark Room, you’ve got to make sure you continue to provide the punters with the smut they desire!

Let’s talk quality at DarkRoomVR

Videos here can be watched in a huge variety of formats – all specifically designed and focused on VR as the medium of choice. Videos range in resolution from 1920 x 960 (not recommended) through to 7260 x 3630 pixels. Be warned that the higher up you go, the more space and bandwidth you’re going to need. This isn’t a huge concern for a lot of folks, but it is worth mentioning because if you’re on a bad Internet connection – well, you might just struggle to get the full DarkRoomVR experience that you seek. Servers here are incredibly quick, and I had my 100 Mb/s connection completely saturated by the server. I don’t know how high it can go to, but my hunch is that your end is going to be the limiting factor here – not theirs!

Pornstar talk: DarkRoomVR talent

If you want to know about talent, then I’m going to give you all of the juicy details! There has been a good assortment of fresh faces and industry veterans featured in scenes on DarkRoomVR. Just to name a few names: you’ll find videos starring the likes of Lika Star, Mary Rock, Anastasia Ocean and Asia Vargas. These girls really know how to perform, but that’s pretty much a given when it comes to virtual reality porn – these shoots cost a lot of cash, and the money isn’t going to be wasted on a first-time girl that isn’t ready for the action!

Conclusion on DarkRoomVR

Well gang; I’ve spent more than enough time here to come up with an informed opinion on what’s going on, and I’m pleased to report that DarkRoomVR is more than good enough for you to sign up for and get access to if you’re looking for a new and unique hub with great virtual reality content. This place swings, and Mr. Porn Geek is more than happy to give it his official, high value seal of approval. Get your ass on over to DarkRoomVR right now and start jerking!

Review Pros
  • Great pornstar variety
  • Unique VR niche
  • Weekly content uploads
Review Cons
  • Average scene information
  • No forums