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Some people just get incredibly horny and want to pound, thrust, and hump until they get off hard. I sure do know the feeling, especially looking at all of the hot babes on the website Lil Humpers. There are definitely elements of humor in the porn movies here, but people thinking about memberships to the site should be aware that the movies here are hardcore and extremely hot.

The Premise Of Lil Humpers

The site has a wide variety of main characters, but they do have similarities. The similarity is that the male characters on the site are horny as fuck. In fact, they are probably some of the most horny people you have ever seen. If they see a super attractive MILF getting naked, they can’t help but reach between their legs and touch themselves. What sometimes starts as a little bit of watching and jerking off, sometimes ends with them being caught. When this happens, they are generally relieved of their horniness in much more personal ways.

The primary niche on the website is MILF porn movies, with a lot of reality porn films and hardcore sex scenes thrown into the mix. There is a limited access pass to the site, but getting your access through Mr. Porn Geek has benefits. Many of these adult sites have cheap limited access passes, but end up charging more than the regular monthly membership price after the limited access runs out. This, unfortunately, is one of those sites. Get the best deal from me instead, it is a better value.

Uncontrollable Fucking Of MILFs

Many of the guys here have the horny gene running through their body, and many of them are short as well. They want to fuck every hot chick they see, including the gorgeous MILFs that are featured on the site. Whether it is their doctor, teacher, stepmom, or librarian, they want to hit it hard and keep thrusting until they cum. This website adds something a little bit different from what many other porn websites focus on. In many cases, porn websites feature tiny and petite pornstar chicks getting fucked by larger men with massive dicks. Lil Humpers takes a different point of view, featuring petite male porn stars fucking MILFs that are generally a bit taller than them. The storylines are entertaining, and in most cases, the male porn stars have an insatiable desire for sex.

Unique Reality Porn Storylines

Have you ever heard of Chronic Pumping Syndrome? I had neither, but if I had it, I would want Dr. Nicolette to help me get through it. Though her treatment might be a little bit unorthodox, it involves cumming hard and fucking harder. With a regimen of dick sucking, fucking, and orgasms, the treatment might be kept up as long is necessary. Many fans love the humorous storylines and elements here, but the sex is incredibly hot when it gets to that point. These are cinematic porn experiences that not only put a smile on your face but give you a raging boner in the process.

The Website Is Still Building Content

The movies here cannot be downloaded, and neither can the pic sets. This might be in part because the porn website is still building up their content. All of the scenes are streamed in full HD, and there are over 20 porn movies on the site. Even though the site is pretty new, the movies here are extremely entertaining, and fans are having a lot of fun visiting it. There are updates to the site at a rate of one movie per week, which makes sense due to the high production value of the films. Some people might question getting a membership to a site that does not have a ton of content, but this is where the bonus websites included come into play. There are multiple MILF porn websites as bonuses; so take advantage

Stellar Site Navigation

There are many reasons to buy porn from the most reputable companies out there. First off, you know that the content is going to be high quality and that there are going to be many top porn star talents featured. The production value is extraordinarily high, and there are other massive benefits as well. One of the major benefits of getting a site that is presented by a top porn studio is that site navigation is usually phenomenal. Just like the other sites in the Brazzers Network, Lil Humpers has a basic search, fantastic sorting options, and category tags that make finding the porn movies you are looking for easy to do. This is always a positive, even when there is not that much content on the site, to begin with. As the site grows, the tools are already in place for you to find your favorite porn stars, top porn movies, and more.

Bonus Porn Websites

There are three bonus websites that you get when purchasing a membership to Lil Humpers. Remember that the best prices for porn available come from me at Mr. Porn Geek. Getting the best rates for porn available is even better when there are bonus websites included. The sites that you get with a membership to Lil Humpers include MILFs Like It Big, Mommy Got Boobs, and Moms In Control. These are all fantastic quality sites.

Cons To Lil Humpers

There are not many cons, but the biggest one is that the content here is not downloadable yet. It might be that Lil Humpers is simply a smaller website and downloads will be coming soon, but it is hard to know for sure. With the bonus content, you get over 900 videos in total, which can keep you busy as the site expands. Make sure to uncheck the pre-checked cross sales on the site if you do not want the additional site, which you will be charged for if you do not opt-out of it.

Final Notes About Lil Humpers

While it is a smaller site, the quality of the site is high, usability ratings for the site are phenomenal, and the content is exclusive. The bonus sites make a membership worthwhile, and the humorous and unique storylines put a smile on my face for many reasons. Mr. Porn Geek highly recommends Lil Humpers as a site, as it does the entire Brazzers Network as a whole.

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