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Mr. Porn Geek visits GP

Hey folks – it’s your resident review expert here and today, we’re diving into a spot called (GP for short). You all know by now that when it comes to the best adult reviews out there, no one does it better than MPG. I’m the go-to guy – even if you’re in the market for content that’s about men fucking other men in the ass. Is this the greatest spot if you’re into all-male fucking and sucking? I’m about to head on over, see what’s available and give it to you straight (unlike these fellas). So, with that in mind – let’s see what GP has for us.

The homepage of GP

As is tradition, I’m going to start by looking at the homepage here: it’s clear that all of the content you get from GP is 100% free, so if you were worried about having to pay an arm and a leg to get the man on man action – have no fear. The website seems to be mainly made up of professional scenes that come from a variety of adult studios. Along the top of the website, you’ll see a list of the outlets that provide you with the scenes here. They include the likes of Men Over 30, Broke Straight Boys, Sean Cody and Daddys Boys. Regardless of what type of gay XXX fun you’re interested in – suffice to say, there will be something here for you to get your hands on. We’re talking twinks, we’re talking hairy bears and hung daddies. If it’s a stereotype in the gay space, you’ll be sure to receive it.

The homepage also has a list of tags – these are useful if you have a very specific niche that you’re interested in taking a look at. These include the likes of ‘Asian’ for those who like their boys Eastern, ‘first time’ for that amateur goodness and ‘massage’ if you want to get into some oily action. Other tags that you’ll find include grandpa, beach, public, BDSM and teen. Variety is the spice of life and I can say that without question, GP has what you need in this space.

As you scroll down, you’ll be presented with a pagination bar that allows you to go back deeper into the archives of GP. Note that the site updates often – come back every 24 hours and there’s bound to be something new here for you to watch! There are thousands of videos hosted on this gay tube already, so yeah – you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to the sheer quantity of what this destination provides you with.

The pornstar section of GP

Along the left-hand side of the site’s navigation interface, there’s a section that’s completely devoted to the talent at GP. If you have a specific man that you like to see in action – this is likely the best place for you to go. Some names that fans of all-male porn might be familiar with include Sean Taylor, Felix Fox, Diego Sans, Jimmy Clay and JJ Knight. When you click on any of the gay pornstars here, you’ll be taken through to an archive page with all of their media that’s available on the platform. It would appear that it’s organized by default based on the upload date – you can also select sub-categories for each pornstar if there’s a specific type of media you’re interested in. Quite cool!

Watching the content

So, when it’s time for you to watch content on this platform – how does it handle the experience? Firstly, Mr. Porn Geek is really pleased to report that a lot of the uploads on this hub are offered in qualities up to and including 1080p. In fact, 85% of the scenes I saw had 240p, 480p, 720p and 1080p as options! The bitrates are also more than acceptable, so if you go full-screen, you’re going to have quite the viewing experience.

Scrubbing through the videos wasn’t a struggle: in fact, it’s quite easy for punters to go ahead and skip through the scenes to find the money shots. What I would say is missing is the ability to download the scenes to your PC with a single click. Sure, you can get all of the gay videos you want with inspecting elements and that type of thing – but tubes really ought to make it a walk in the park for me to download my favorite videos to my PC. It’s going to save you bandwidth in the long run, I promise!

Other thoughts on GP

The website’s videos aren’t the longest – a lot of the media here is sampled stuff from paysites, and you’re given direct links to sign up if you want to get more of the same. I don’t mind this approach because truth be told, you won’t find duplicate videos or low quality content here. Just know that GP is above board – they’re not stealing hardcore content from your favorite gay sex video producers and are trying to do things by the book. Some people might not like that – I’m all for it.

The advertisements are relatively minor – in fact, I was able to visit this website with my ad-blocker turned off and I didn’t even notice. Tubes can often have huge issues with spammy popups, crazy sidebar links and so on. Not the case here: it’s a clean website that won’t give you any nasties.

My final thoughts on GP

So, where does this put GP when all is said and done? Truth be told – I like what’s going on here, and I know for a fact that anyone reading this is going to have a similar experience as me if they enjoy all-male content. The website runs fast, it has plenty of HD content and they’re always uploading their archive with fresh flicks. What’s not to love about all of that? Sure, the scenes could be a little longer, but they’re giving away this content for free! Mr. Porn Geek loves what he came across and for that reason, I’m giving this hub my official seal of approval. Thanks for reading, I’ve been Mr. Porn Geek – now go jerk off to this gay video archive!

Review Pros
  • Regular content updates
  • Full HD videos
  • Fast loading speeds
Review Cons
  • Average video lengths
  • No download button