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MrPornGeek checks out Boy18Tube

Boy18Tube is a gay porn tube that has been a awesome place to visit. Since I arrived on Boy18Tube, I have been impressed with the amount of porn, the quality of porn and the length of the porn. I have reviewed so many gay porn sites now that I may have turned slightly gay because of it. However, most gay sites are shit, they either have minute-long porn clips or full-length porn scenes that are so old the pornstars in them are likely dead now. Boy18Tube is different, though. Sure, this site isn’t perfect, but it is fucking close as I found out during this site review. Let’s delve deeper into this porn site and find out more, shall we?

The messy design of Boy18Tube

Right off the damn bat, I noticed that Boy18Tube was full of porn. Now, this is, of course, a great thing, but the porn on Boy18Tube stretches out across the page way too much. There is no breathing space on this site, and so you are left looking at a wall of porn, rather than the individual porn scenes that said wall is built from. Plus, as Boy18Tube doesn’t offer previews to their porn videos when you hover over them, this can make it difficult to choose the porn video you want to watch. It is hard enough choosing porn on a site like Boy18Tube because of the calibre of porn videos, so there is no need to make this shit harder with a messy design.

I will say, though, that every porn video I have tried on this site has worked really well, there haven’t been many ads getting in the way of the porn and most of the porn has been at least HD. So, the design and backend of Boy18Tube isn’t too shit, it is just a bit distracting.

The porn on Boy18Tube

Right, the porn on Boy 18 Tube is pretty good. As I said, most of the porn on this site has at least been HD, but there are a handful of porn scenes that are 4K too. Plus, the shortest porn video I have seen on Boy 18 Tube, so far was just under 15 minutes, the rest are at least 20 minutes and some are 30 minutes. That is fucking perfect for a porn scene, great job Boy 18 Tube!

The Geek’s final thoughts on Boy18Tube

So, Boy 18 Tube may not be perfect, but it is one of the best gay porn sites that I have reviewed. This porn site features some brilliant porn that you will love. Sure it can be a bit hard to choose a porn video to watch, but fuck it, there are so many great porn videos on this site, just click on any random porn scene and enjoy! Great job, Boy 18 Tube, you nailed this shit!

Review Pros
  • Lots of full-length porn
  • 4K and HD porn
  • Features the best porn networks
Review Cons
  • Messy design