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What is FreePornHDOnlineGay?

Well, what a title for a porn site, aye! This site is more concerned with fucking buzz words than they are with actually delivering what the fuck they say they do! This site, from the title alone, should be delivering free gay porn that is in HD and yet during my exploration of this gay site, that is not what I found. Let’s delve deeper into FreePornHDOnlineGay and see what the fuck this load of shit site is actually offering its users, shall we?

The porn on FreePornHDOnlineGay

When I first arrived on FreePornHDOnlineGay, I saw some nice thumbnails for some gay porn, and I got excited. During my reviews of gay porn sites, I have found out that there aren’t many that offer full-length HD gay porn and so I thought that I may have finally found the best gay site for exactly that. However, what I had actually found was a shitty little site that makes you jump through a bunch of bullshit hoops to watch their porn. None of the porn on this site works unless you disable AdBlocker. I disabled AdBlocker to test the porn out and it still didn’t work, so if your web browser has had any AdBlocker system near it, ever, good luck watching the porn on this site.

The AdBlocker issues on FreePornHDOnlineGay

I am not against sites using ads, far from it, every cunt in the porn world uses ads as it is really the only viable way of making money in the porn business. What I am against is small sites like this one blocking everything from view unless you disable something that helps manage the influx of bollocks of sites like these. So many sites have found ways around AdBlocker software now that there is no need to disable this shit to watch porn! Let’s face it, most of you lovely lot, will visit FreePornHDOnlineGay, see that you can’t watch any of the porn with your AdBlocker software on and then head on back to PornHub and that is the biggest problem with FreePornHDOnlineGay and their bullshit ideas of how to make money in porn.

My final thoughts on FreePornHDOnlineGay

As I said, I ain’t against sites using ads, but I want FreePornHDOnlineGay to know that the way they are going about their ads and the way they are blocking users from watching porn is fucking stupid. This site is not the be-all and end-all of gay porn on the internet. There are shit loads of porn sites offering far better porn watching experiences than this pile of trash. Remember that, FreePornHDOnlineGay! You ain’t the big hero of gay porn. You are a mediocre gay porn site that so far has shown me as much gay porn as a church in the Bible Belt!

Review Pros
  • Loads of great looking porn
  • Updated daily
  • Full-length scenes (maybe)
Review Cons
  • Won’t work with AdBlocker
  • Extremely bland design