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MrPornGeek reviews Eden Gay

Eden Gay is a porn site full of gay porn. There are shit loads of gay porn images on this site, and this has to be the most impressive part of this site. While that would be great if Eden Gay were just a straight-up gay porn image gallery site, this site also has loads of videos on it too. So, how has Eden Gay fucked up the video section of this gay site? Well, dear reader, we better get into this review and find the fuck out hadn’t we? Before we begin, this site is no much more fucked up than most other gay porn sites, so I guess they have that going for ’em, but following the crowd, while the crowd is fucking up, still means that this site fucked itself! Let’s delve deeper.

The porn on Eden Gay

After some exploration, Eden Gay offers some really nice thumbnails to their porn galleries that contain loads of great porn images and then a video too. Click on the thumbnail of the sexy man of your choosing (and there are plenty of buff bods and big cocks to choose from), and you’ll see loads of images from the porn scene at first. These images are fucking awesome, the guys look hot as hell, and they get you really excited about the porn video you’re about to watch. However, this is where Eden Gay starts to fall down. All of the porn videos I have tried on Eden Gay so far have been trailers to porn videos. If you’re lucky, you’ll find a gay porn video on this site that is about two minutes long, the rest of them are a minute at best.

A few areas of improvements for Eden Gay

Of course, the first thing Eden Gay could do is offer full-length porn scenes, but I don’t think that will happen. You see, Eden Gay seems to have deals with other sites, so you can use discount codes from Eden Gay to get cheaper gay porn elsewhere. This makes me think that Eden Gay is more interested in advertising the fantastic gay porn on these sites than stealing it. Of course, I don’t blame Eden Gay for this. There is fuck all point in Eden Gay stealing porn from these companies when they can be paid to advertise it.

My final thoughts on Eden Gay

It is a shame that Eden Gay is basically just one big advert for other gay porn sites. To be honest, I think you may visit this gay porn site once, take advantage of their offers to other gay sites and then never return. Perhaps this is what Eden Gay wants, but seems a bit of a waste of a nicely designed site, in my opinion, but what the fuck do I know?

Review Pros
  • Loads of images
  • Modern design
  • Special offers for gay porn sites
Review Cons
  • Short porn
  • Annoying video player