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Full Detailed Review

What’s going on everyone – I hope you’re looking for some good all-girl sexual gaming action today, because if not, you’re almost certainly taking a gander at the wrong review! The reason for this is because I’m going to be signing up and logging into this gaming portal for a complete, thorough analysis on what you can expect to find inside. As everyone knows, this review platform is the best in the business for the hottest adult content – I’m really keen to see how well this place performs as a result of that! So, without further ado, let’s sign up and see what’s on offer.

First thoughts

The process of signing up and logging in here is incredibly streamlined, all you’ve got to do is confirm your age, provide an email address and password – that’s it! It’s also free to join for the first 2 days starting in 2020 so they can beta test the product and see how well it does. Suffice to say that this is a terrific option for anyone who doesn’t feel like they want to pay for adult entertainment. Now on top of the free access, you’ve also got a few different ways to get your hands on the goods. Firstly, downloadable launchers are available for both Windows and Mac machines, with an additional browser-based solution offered for those who’re running Firefox, Chrome Safari and Edge. It’s nice to see full support and compatibility with the biggest browsers out there – lets you know that 99% of horny gamers are going to be fun!

Content in focus

Before I jump into writing my reviews, I do just quickly want to jump onto the fact that there are currently 26 that you can play, with a new one being added every month. What’s extra special about this platform is that the publishing house here is also the team behind the production of the title, so there’s a clear connection between the delivery and creation of the titles in question. Since I’m only here for around 2 hours, I can’t exactly try out all 26 titles – as much as I’d like to. Instead, I’ll just be going ahead and trying out a few of them to determine whether or not I think what this gaming portal has to offer is any good. I think 5 is a good number, so I’ll talk to you in a bit after I try these titles out.

Gaming Analysis

I’ve now time traveled 2 hours into the future and I can give you my verdict on what exactly this title has to offer for the average punter! The great news is that overall, I had a lot of fun here and out of the 5 titles I got around to testing, 4 of them were ones that I’d love to come back and try again. The only real reason I didn’t like the final title I tried was because of an audio issue I had with the title. It was only a small problem but it really ruined the overall all-girl lesbo experience, so I’m hoping no one else goes through a similar experience.

Bonus lesbian videos Inside

So in terms of bonuses here, I’m pleased to be able to report that they are currently offering members the ability to enjoy just over 500 XXX videos from various sources, all of which are exclusively focused on amazing, all-girl fucking action. They’ve also got some of the best studios around to provide these productions, including the likes of We Live Together, Girlfriend’s Films and so on. They’re broken down into niches too, so if you want to see anal, threesomes, Asian or BDSM lesbian action, This title has you covered and then some.

My Expert Conclusion 

So when all is said and done, This title really did manage to over-deliver. I expected good things – what I got were great things. I don’t like to sing praises to an extreme, but I have little doubt anyone reading this with a genuine passion for all-girl erotic content is going to have an absolute field day inside. Let’s not forget it’s free to try too, so you might as well go ahead and give it a shot! Anyway folks, that’s the conclusion of this review and I’d really like to thank you for tuning in and listening to what I have to say. Take care and please ensure you come back to our platform any time you need help uncovering the best places around for lesbian gaming fun.

Review Pros
  • Fun lesbian games
  • Free bonus videos
  • Works on all devices
Review Cons
  • Average loading speeds
  • Limited support help