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I know that this sounds crazy, but I genuinely remember when I was a teenager and some guy at my school visited We Live Together – this was many, many years ago and to this day, I believe it’s the first porn site I ever saw. If you’re not familiar with what goes on here, We Live Together is a lesbian porn hub where lots of chicks get together, look sexy, get their toys out and basically fuck one another until they’ve all cum. It’s produced by Reality Kings and considered by many to be the top destination for hot lesbian porn.

Since it launched back in 2003, We Live Together has managed to collect an archive of over 620 scenes, with a weekly update providing you with some hot content starring the hottest pussy in the business. All scenes are available in stellar 1080p quality and once you’re done enjoying this HD lesbian porn, just browse through the Reality Kings network to check out Pure 18, MILF Hunter and other cracking sites produced by one of the top networks in the game. If you’re in the market for some no-risk lesbian porn, We Live Together is where it’s at.

We Live Together Review

Reality Kings is one of the top porn companies in the world. They have been making the best porn movies on the planet for many years, and while they specialize in creating the top reality porn available, they are creating porn in every genre. We Live Together is an offering of theirs that lies in that “best reality porn” category.

The premise of We Live Together is college coeds and female roommates that have found that they want to explore with each other. They may have started out straight, but they have taken their lust for each other to another level since they have met. Now, they want to fuck, and in some cases hold hands for a more intense love. You benefit because they want you to watch their new adventures, to see them lick each other’s pussies, and sometimes even explore group sex on camera. Are you ready?

We Live Together Bonus Content

Oh, are you in luck. Not only does this site give you the hottest lesbian porn films, with the top lesbian pornstars, as well as plenty of bisexual girls and some straight girls as well, but you also get a massive amount of bonus sites from the Reality Kings and GF Leaks networks. Reality Kings has over 11,000 movies in their network. That is so much porn that you could likely watch porn movies for an entire year straight and not have seen the same thing twice. These are sites like MILF Hunter, Moms Bang Teens, Big Naturals, and many more.

We Live Together Discounts

Follow the links here at Mr. Porn Geek to get the top porn deals on the site. You know your boy has you covered when it comes to the best porn around.

The Best of We Live Together

There are over 600 lesbian porn scenes here, and these movies are exclusive and beautiful. This is precisely what I would expect from Reality Kings. The top quality roommate porn scenes that feature the best of the best on all levels.

The website updates weekly, so there are plenty more hot lesbian porn films coming your way. There are also some of the best threesome porn scenes, extreme group sex porn, and much more here. Plus, you get a lot of bonus sites in the network, which adds even more to the value of an already great deal that you get from Mr. Porn Geek. Let these porn movies drive you wild.

We Live Together has an extensive porn network around it, and you get the benefits of their success. The site brings you full HD porn movies that are sharp and as detailed as can be. With as much content as they have on the site, it would be easy to expect some navigation issues on their website. This is Reality Kings though, so everything is in order and in top shape. There is a basic search option, tags to help you sort, categories, and as a member you can comment, rate, and favorite the movies on the site. Another perk that I love to see on websites is the playlist feature, which makes it easy to watch your fav adult movies all in a row.

In addition, there is a navigation in each porn movie that they call filmstrip, which lets you jump to the action portions of each section. Super convenient. Watching this top porn action is easy to do on mobile devices as well, with a clean and easy to use mobile interface.

The Worst of We Live Together

The website has a daily download limit, but you can still download a heck of a lot while you have the membership, so this really isn’t an issue. It just means it will take a few days to pick up your favorite porn movies. Also, as a site that has been around since porn first started becoming popular on the internet, some of the content that is here is not HD. You will find some SD porn films in the older sections.

The trial to this site is limited, not allowing downloads. Even more irksome is the fact that they charge $10 more, per month, for the site to people that “take advantage” of the limited access pass. DON’T DO IT! Instead, save money by getting a membership through the deal that I have put together for you. If you go straight to their site from here, you get the top porn deal available for We Live Together.

Also, take the time to check and make sure you have unchecked the pre-checked cross-sells. It is in a drop-down menu or appears as a pre-checked box. If you don’t, you will be charged for a website you might not want. Even if you do want it, Mr. Porn Geek likely has a better deal for you here. Save your money, uncheck the box.

Lastly, if you want downloads, it is going to coast a little extra. The regular membership gives you access to streaming only. It is not a huge price increase, but it is more money. Taking advantage of the best porn deals on the site that you get here will help you get those downloads at a better price. The VIP membership will get you downloads on the other sites in the Reality Kings Network, so it is well worth the extra cost.

The Bottom Line about We Live Together

We Live Together is a unique spin on lesbian porn, and sometimes the girls bring their guy friends into their bedroom as well. The site features lesbian girlfriends, friends, and roommates that love to fuck on camera. It is passionate porn, and there are a lot of erotic porn scenes to watch. Things can get a little rough as well sometimes. With the Reality Kings network as a bonus, and the high-quality porn that comes from We Live Together, this site is completely Mr. Porn Geek Approved. Get it now.

Review Pros
  • Over 600 lesbian porn scenes
  • Weekly updates
  • Huge network
Review Cons
  • Limited trial
  • Daily download limit