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Mr. Porn Geek visits Sweetheart Video

You likely know by now that all porn niches mean something to Mr. Porn Geek, but when it comes to lesbian sex, I’m particularly happy to write up reviews and give my opinion on the genre. I mean, let’s be honest: who doesn’t love the idea of two (or more, in some cases) chicks playing with their titties and pussies together, all in the name of pleasure? Up for review this afternoon is a place by the name of Sweetheart Video and yeah: their focus here is on giving you access to all-girl fun where the name of the game is full-blown lesbian pleasure. I’ve just signed up and confirmed my email, so let’s dive in to see what’s waiting for us inside, shall we? I’m champing at the bit for some great lesbian smut!

Inside Sweetheart Video

So after logging in, you’ll be presented with a fairly standard member’s area that showcases the newest material before anything else. As things currently stand, Sweetheart Video updates with new shoots twice a week, so if you’re coming back here on a semi-regular basis, new uploads will be available for you to jerk off to! I was surprised to see that the database of content for Sweetheart Video actually dates all the way back to 2011, so that’s over 8 years of smut that they’ve got stockpiled for any would-be addict of lesbian porn to come in and consume. So far, Mr. Porn Geek really likes what he’s seeing. The great thing is that I’ve got to sample the wares, so let’s get to watching some lesbian flicks, shall we?

The numbers at Sweetheart Video

Okay, so before diving dick-first into some stellar lesbian porn videos, I do want to touch briefly on the size and scope of smut that’s offered to you here by Sweetheart Video. Each archive page of material houses 40 scenes and there are currently 26 pages to go back through, which means – if my calculator is working correctly – Sweetheart Video has over 1,000 releases in their member’s area for you to watch. That’s a lot of porn, and given the average upload length is 30 minutes, I’d argue that even the most passionate of all-girl adult productions would struggle to watch the complete collection of Sweetheart Video’s library. Still, it’s a challenge that I’m sure plenty of you will try to overcome, so good luck with that – you’re going to need it.

In the quality realm, Sweetheart Video made a switch from 1080p HD as their highest quality resolution to 4K releases some time in 2018. That means that at a minimum, you’re going to have the best quality high definition content available to you, but if you want to upgrade to 1080p HD smut, you can do so with all of the latest scenes. Turns out that the releases here also come with images that weigh in at a respectable 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution, although to be honest with you, with the footage at the level it is, I can’t think of too many reasons why someone wouldn’t just focus on videos instead of images.

My subjective opinion on Sweetheart Video

So what I really liked about this website is that their approach to lesbian sex is really quite intimate and erotic. I don’t know if their screen the girls coming in, but I watched a dozen or so scenes and all of the ladies seemed to be really into the idea of having lesbian sex in front of the camera. Most uploads feature white on white action, but there are a few interracial shoots with black, Asian and Latina babes too. Group lesbian flicks aren’t exactly rare, but one on one seems to be the flavor that they go for more often than not. Some shoots have a storyline around taboo family interactions or school dramas, whereas others are just straight-up massage scenes and bedroom indulgences. I’m not exactly an expert in lesbian porn, but I can tell you now: the porn here is absolutely incredible. Fingering, squirting, anal toys and strapons – you name it, it’s been done on Sweetheart Video.

They’ve featured some world-class models over the years too, including the likes of India Summer, Brandi Love, Riley Reid, Ayumi Anime and Sarah Banks. If you head on over to the ‘pornstars’ page, you’ll see all of the girls that have content on the website. Some chicks like Sinn Sage and Dana Vespoli have featured in over 100 releases – that’s pretty impressive if you ask me! I’m sure those girls are pretty invested in the whole girls-only thing when it comes to sex: you don’t eat 100 clams without being a little interested in them.

Bonuses from Sweetheart Video

So alongside all of the great lesbian action here, you’ve also got free bonus access to a few other websites on the Mile High Network, including the likes of Doghouse, Reality Junkies and one particularly on-niche destination, Lesbian Older Younger. The offer that you get here is pretty damn incredible if you ask me, so I’d say definitely factor that into the equation when you consider signing up. I’ve written a few reviews on the other websites here at Mr. Porn Geek too, so read them if you’d like to know more. Take it from me though: this is one cracking deal.

Final thoughts regarding Sweetheart Video

Even without the bonus websites, I think that Sweetheart Video is just too good not to give a recommendation for. The videos here are absolutely fantastic and the quality is something else entirely. With world-class ass, 4K quality uploads and fast servers, you can’t go wrong if you decide to sign up for a trial or even 1-month long membership. Mr. Porn Geek definitely thinks that lesbian porn lovers will go crazy for this place and because of that, he’s going to suggest that you check it out and consider signing up. Fantastic destination – visit the tour and see for yourself. Sweetheart Video is a top-tier hub for great lesbian sex videos.

Review Pros
  • Great lesbian content
  • Free bonus sites
  • 4K quality downloads
Review Cons
  • Members only
  • Some adverts