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Chaturbate’s live teen sex cams

What’s up, kings? It’s Mr. Porn Geek and yes, we’re reviewing yet another webcam platform today. Now, I’ve actually already written up on Chaturbate before, but in this analysis, we’re going to only bother looking at their provisions of barely legal camgirls. That’s right: we’re talking about live teen sex cams here, and I hope you’re as pumped as I am to head on over and see all of these juicy, fresh babes that perform crazy XXX antics in their cam rooms for the whole world to see. One thing’s for sure: if you’re someone who loves a good teen brat and want to watch them on a live sex cam, this is a place you’ve got to check out!

Jumping into teen cams

One of the big things I like to pay attention to when I come to a webcam platform like Chaturbate is just how easy it is to get inside and check out their different niches without having to do much navigation. Like many cam platforms, Chaturbate opts to show you all of the camgirls straight away in a featured section – naturally, the more popular and viewed women are right at the top, with less famous broads shown further down below. A cool feature on all of the previews here is the fact that for many of the chicks, their ages are shown next to the name. In the top 30 or so performers, I caught a few 18 and 19 year olds – pretty sweet! That said, if you’re looking purely to go over the teens here, there’s a collection of popular tags running at the top of the website and as you can probably guess, teen is included here.

Visiting the teen sex webcams

So after hitting the ‘teen’ button, I was taken through to a filtered page that gets rid of anyone who’s not up for the task of giving you a teen sex experience. One thing I found quite odd is that there were a few girls well over the age of 19 here: including one streamer that was 25! Now, I will say that most of the girls were 18 and 19, but I just find it weird that there’s no limit on who can give themselves the teen tag. I guess that they’re young and functionally, there’s literally difference between a girl who’s 19 and a girl who’s 25, but looks like she’s 19. Still, Chaturbate could probably go ahead and put those other girls into a ‘young’ category and ensure that their teen section is just that: 100% devoted to teens. Anyhow, the tag section here is by default sorted based on cam scores and viewers. At the time of writing this review, a streamer by the name of chloewildd was at the top, with over 10,000 people watching her perform. That’s pretty damn awesome if you ask me.

More details on teens cams

Something I want to mention about going to this area straight from the homepage is the simple fact that you’re not filtering out men, couples or transsexuals via using this button. There wasn’t too much twink action, but there certainly are a few dudes jerking off here in the teen category and well, I’m just not convinced that most dudes reading this want to see cocks in between all of the juicy barely legal girls. I think there will be more of a mixed response to couple cams, and to be honest, it’s up to you to filter out what you do and don’t want. Just above the cam previews, there’s a string of category buttons that you can mess with if you want to see just content from women, men, couples or transsexuals. I can’t tell you exactly how many teen streamers were online at the time of writing this, but I’m going to guess that it’s over 500. One thing’s for sure about these types of ladies: they dominate live cams, because it’s a great way to make cash and generally speaking, the younger you are, the more desirable you are. Not to discourage any of our MILF camgirls out there, but yeah: teens are always going to be wanted.

Show quality at Chaturbate teens

So when you pick out a teen camgirl to watch, you’ll then have the ability to go ahead and watch her perform however you desire, but in terms of quality – 720p and 1080p are both standard. I love the fact that so many of the performers also have this extremely high quality media too – that’s something that you’re rarely going to find anywhere else. Naturally, the quality of any show that you’re going to find here completely depends on the setup that the camgirl has, so Chaturbate doesn’t have much say in what goes on, but certainly for the more serious girls – a good webcam setup is vital to make big bucks, and thus, they’re willing to splash out so you can see them in full HD. Oh, and Chaturbate also offers 60 FPS as standard – that’s incredible! The best quality shows here really are quite something, and there are so few large destinations such as this one that are capable of matching what they have to offer.

A final say on teens at Chaturbate

I think if you’re looking for a lot of teenage action, Chaturbate is a killer place to find it. There are so many live girls here, and they all perform incredibly well. The only problem I can really find is the inclusion of non-teens in the category, but if that’s your biggest issue, it’s not really that much of an issue! Going forward, I’d love to see Chaturbate attempt to recruit even more teen performers and dial up their focus on the barely legal girls here to 11. They’re an established location and really know how to deliver world-class cam sex. So, the bottom line is this: if you want teen webcam sex, Chaturbate can hook you up!

Review Pros
  • Incredible quality cams
  • Free to browse
  • Lots of teens
Review Cons
  • Average category management
  • Some SD streams