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You might not know this, but there are a few places online that allow you to get access to amateur porn that have been personally submitted by the people featured in the content. It’s a pretty cool idea and one of the better ways to get access to genuine content from people around the world that just want to share how they fuck. Amateri is one such location and as far as I know, it’s one of the biggest places online if you just want to get your hands on the good stuff – this place is fantastic when you take a look at it!

In the last 24 hours alone, over 300 albums and 60 videos have been added to the archive – all from people just like you and me that don’t fuck professionally, but who just want to share their sex life with the world and give people an idea of what goes on when the gloves come off and it’s time for some fun. Amateri’s site is free to take a look around although it’s recommended you do create an account at some point, seeing as you’ll get yourself lots of different amazing features when you do. Overall, I liked the site and what it had to offer – definitely one of the better places for amateur porn right now.

Review Pros
  • Huge collection
  • Real amateur porn
Review Cons
  • Dated design
  • Some non-English content