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A walk down TGP memory lane with PicHunter

PicHunter.com here we go! Many years ago, TGPs were all the rage. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, TGP stands for thumbnail gallery post and essentially, it’s a site that has a bunch of images that link to various areas on the Internet and you can scroll through them all with relatively little effort.

They’re kind of like Pinterest and the like, except they’re not that spammy and have a lot of good porn that you’re going to want to check out. Anyway, I’m checking out Pic Hunter today – the TGP that I consider to be the best in the business. Their tag line says ‘no bullshit – just free porn’ and they take that shit seriously so strap in and let’s go hunting for dirty pics on PicHunter. Will their promise of just free porn deliver, or will I be left wanting to go elsewhere for my daily dose of XXX photo collections? Read on – Mr. Porn Geek will tell you all about PicHunter and their huge selection of porn.

Why should I check out the PicHunter porn?

When you hit the homepage, you’ll see a bunch of sexy images on a page that has infinite scrolling (a massive selling point!). When you click on an image on the TGP, you’ll be transported to a sub-page of the site that features more images in that collection. Sites that are on Pic Hunter include The Training Of O, Everything Butt, Karuo’s Older Women and many other sites. There’s a good chance you’ll find your favorite porn star here – especially thanks to the search box!

The thing about PicHunter porn is that it’s presented in one size fits all format. Basically, the girls are all hot – with varying degrees of hotness of course – and they’re all eager to strip down and show just how freaky they can get. It’s great to find your favorite porn star here – especially since so many girls appear on a site like this that dish out free porn by the truckload. Galleries with photo after photo – all of the finest amateurs and pros in the business that want to set you up with a quality nut. With so many fine pieces of ass, what’s not to love?

It’s just free porn for everyone

Visually, PicHunter knocks the ball out of the park by utilizing just the juiciest thumbnails to whet your appetite and draw you in (this is the best way for photo galleries to be displayed). These teaser pics also serve as the gateway to the various categories on here. The categories themselves are the same ones you can find on all other porn sites – MILF, teen, Asian, gangbang, public and so on. Lots of sexy options here for folks that like quality photos, that’s for sure!

Worth mentioning here is the fact that PicHunter.com has an entire section dedicated to yoga. If you’re into yoga porn or chicks who look insanely hot in yoga pants, this is an absolute must-see. You should also check out the PicHunter porn stash if you’re into exotic babes. I’m talking Indians, Arabs and the like. They have quite a few of them. And if Euro babes are your cup of tea, there are plenty of those too. The pic collection here just keeps giving.

Pic Hunter and jerking nostalgia

I can already hear some of you saying but bro, I just want some old school porn pic hunter and to you I say I miss it too. I’m nostalgic for the way things were back then but not a whole lot has changed. In fact the site has stayed the same over time and the only thing that changes are the faces in the pictures.

Still though, you can take a walk down memory lane by checking out the pornstar picture index. This keeps track of the current ‘it’ girls as well as the blazing hot superstars. This is a great place to go get your fill of the stars that have graced the pages of this TGP over the years. You’re not exactly getting back your beloved old school porn pic hunter but you’re still getting something that’s part of the fabric that makes up this site. You can also hunt down that new pornstar you’ve been looking to jerk off over from one of the best studios as well: their photos and the fact a gallery entry includes links is simply fantastic.

Why is PicHunter.com still going strong when most have folded?

I wish I had a definitive answer to that. The only thing I can think of is they found a winning formula and decided to stick to it. That’s a decision that has obviously paid off big time for them. In an era where everyone is moving to video and cramming as many ads as humanly possible on their web pages, PicHunter is standing firm and sticking to a simple format that has stood the test of time – give perverts porn, plenty of it and in the most uncluttered way possible. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Mr. Porn Geek can fully endorse this approach for both free and premium porn: if you’re of a legal age and you want a site with a huge selection of videos, these guys might just be able to provide. Following studios here is easy and they’ve got a long history of giving you the best porn across many different categories.

Quality on a free porn pictures site

Another thing is that this site has evolved a bit with the times so now they even have HD pictures and you don’t have to dig too deep to find them either. They make them pretty accessible by slapping a huge HD sign on the galleries that qualify.

Plus, one thing that works in these guys’ favor is the fact that they’ve developed strategic relationships with major porn studios. They’re so tight with them that there’s an entire section dedicated to all their major picture suppliers. If there’s a site you’re particularly fond of, your best bet is to start here and check out all the photo galleries from that site without browsing through all the other galleries.

This Porn Geek approves

As far as I can tell, PicHunter is all about professional content from pornstars and their collection of pictures is pretty damn good. There are no spammy links or related stuff here – PicHunter.com is my favorite TGP for that very reason. I’ve seen TGPs come and go, I’ve visited a few of them and even liked some of them but nothing compares to this one. The amount of free pictures you get at this particular destination is mind boggling – but in a good way. You can even take your experience to the next level by signing up for a free member account which allows you to save your favorite pictures in your private albums among other things. I can’t tell you enough how much I love this TGP: you’re going to feel safe with these dudes as you browse through page after page of XXX pictures and yes, it’s all 100% free. They’ve got photos for days and hundreds of thousands of pornstars who will make you bust your beans all over the place! So what are you waiting for? Most people are already there, so get your ass over to Pic Hunter and see what the deal is!

Review Pros
  • Great design
  • Loads fast
  • No spam
Review Cons
  • No amateur content