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Sean Cody first began way back in September of 2001 – it’s been going strong for 16 years and adopts a policy of only recruiting the freshest amateur male models the porn industry has to offer. In many cases, the gay fuckers and suckers you’ll see featured on this site have never shot scenes for any other destinations: the ultimate commitment to exclusive amateur gay porn. It’s great to see that alongside your standard muscle hunks, Sean Cody also has twinks with those pale, skinny bodies many men can’t escape enjoying. However you like your ass to be fucked, Sean Cody has you covered.

Bareback shoots are common at Sean Cody, and when you visit the tour, you’ll be able to enjoy some free, 1-minute trailers showing off some preview action from each and every scene. This is a great way to get a sample for the homoerotic movies you’ll be able to enjoy inside: I love being able to try before I buy. To date, Sean Cody has featured well over 1,000 male models in their near 2,500 scene archive. Lots of scenes are hardcore one on one, but group orgies can be found throughout the content library if you’re keen on that type of thing. Most gay porn consumers are probably going to know about Sean Cody already – I liked what I saw here and highly recommend membership.

Sean Cody Review

I have to repeat this. Sean Cody has accomplished things that many other people haven’t dreamed of. He is a fantasy that other top gay pornstars want to experience. Sean Cody is a gay porn producer that excels in creating top quality gay porn for fans around the world. The guys filmed on Sean Cody are incredibly attractive, and most of them seem like they likely have modeling careers happening as well.

There are over 1,000 pornstars listed on the model index, and while the older models from when the site first began are 18 – 30 and don’t have tattoos or other body art, and were mainly straight, the site has expanded a lot since then to feature a more extensive variety of pornstars. This includes pornstars that are not straight and stars that are older than 30 too. The site has changed over the years, but still has some great gay models, fantastic gay porn content, and has gotten better and better.

A lot is happening on Sean Cody, from rimming porn movies to the hottest hardcore anal penetration. These studs are sucking and fucking their way to porn fame, and Sean Cody is just the producer to take them there. The production value at Sean Cody is excellent; these camera people know what they are doing and how to capture the hottest shots from every angle possible. This is all put together by the editing team at Sean Cody so that you can continuously have the hardest orgasms of your life. Grab some lube, decide if you want to imagine yourself as the top or bottom today, and let Sean Cody take you on your latest sexual adventure.

Sean Cody Bonus Content

Sean Cody has a ton of content on the site, but there is are no bonus porn sites included with your membership. If muscular men, age 18+ to 30 and muscular, are what you love to watch the most, this is a great place. If you need more variety than that, there are plenty of other sites I have reviewed that will work better.

Sean Cody Discounts

Get the best rate possible right here at Mr. Porn Geek. Head over there from here, and you will automatically get the best price available. There is so much great porn here to see, and for people that love the porn type that Sean Cody offers, this is an incredible investment. Keep in mind that downloads cost extra, so the money that you save here is even more meaningful.

The Best of Sean Cody

There are a ton of hot men who are very sexual here, and many of them are muscular and ripped. These men are often smooth, though some have hair in lighter amounts. Facial hair ranges from smoothly shaven to light and trimmed as well. For people that like a lot of choices when it comes to the hottest gay porn movies they love, Sean Cody has over 2,500 porn videos, and they are all exclusive. That is a TON of the best gay porn, with more coming each week, three times a week to be more precise.

The updates are varied in that some of them are solo movies and some are couple’s porn videos. You can even catch the occasional threesome porn films here. All of them feature the hottest, hand selected pornstars. To add to the pleasure, each porn movie here has a photo gallery. There are no zip files to download for these, but they are still incredibly hot.

The content on Sean Cody is exclusive, so a lot of it you will never see anywhere else. Sure you can see lower quality porn at shorter lengths on tube sites, but this top quality porn that makes your heart beat faster is way better. Plus, you get to support the men that are sucking dick and taking names so you can get your stress relief whenever you need to.

Finding the sexiest men in porn is easy to do. Just visit Sean Cody, they hire the top male pornstars, I am talking gorgeous bodies, big dicks, and extreme talent. Seeing them get hardcore with each other is an honor. There are tons of bareback sex scenes, hot guys jerking off on camera, and so much more. There isn’t much in terms of storylines, but these guys are so hot there is no story needed.

The Worst of Sean Cody

Like many pornsites, Sean Cody has a pre-checked cross-sell, which is in a drop-down menu on the join/payment page. If you do not want these additional offers, make sure to unselect them. If you don’t you will end up paying for things you do not want, and that is no fun at all.

If you want downloads, you can get them, but you will be paying extra for them. Using the top porn deals you get from Mr. Porn Geek will help you get the downloads you want at the best rate possible. I ALWAY recommend getting the download, unless the price is ridiculous, of course. Being able to get these attractive pornstars and keep them forever is a great plan, trust me on that one.

The Bottom Line about Sean Cody

While there is more diversity in recent years, the site could still use more. Initially, there were just muscular white guys on the site, 18+ to 30. Now, you can find more Asian, Latin, and black performers, but they need more. Fortunately, with regular updates they are getting there pretty quickly. For the best HD gay porn movies, featuring the hottest muscular hunks who love to fuck and jerk off for their fans, Sean Cody is a fantastic deal. The site has been around forever and still has what it takes to be a top gay porn site. Mr. Porn Geek thinks there are some things that can be improved, but the site still fantastic. Mr. Porn Geek Rating: 9/10 Highly Recommended.

Review Pros
  • Bareback videos
  • Updates often
  • Over 1'000 amateur models
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  • Ads inside
  • No 4K quality content