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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Hold The Moan

Hey gang – it’s Mr. Porn Geek here and I’m bringing you yet another review of a subreddit that you might be interested in visiting for the purposes of squeezing your hog. It goes by the name of HoldTheMoan and fits quite a unique niche compared to most of the other big-ticket destinations out there. Essentially, /r/HoldTheMoan is all about porn that takes place in public, or has some element of risk involved, where the girls have to – yup, you guessed it – hold their moans in case people realize what’s going on.

What /r/HoldTheMoan offers

In the last 4 days, 25 new posts have been added to /r/HoldTheMoan – that’s not exactly the highest of submission rates and to be fair, I’m quite surprised seeing as this particular subreddit is sitting on over 900,000 subscribers. You’d think with all of those people that the ratio of content would be slightly higher, although you do have a full archive of smut to look through, so it’s not the end of the world, right? Anyway, Hold The Moan is almost always videos of GFYCat embeds – while other places like Real Girls and NSFW promote still images, /r/HoldTheMoan is all about the moving content. Let’s sample some of their submissions, shall we?

A sample of Hold The Moan

I love to see what subreddits upvote to the very top of the all-time list for an understanding of the type of smut they enjoy the most. Here on /r/HoldTheMoan, you’re going to see stuff like sexy sluts with no panties on at comic-con flashing butt plugs in front of strangers, sexy original content of girls taking off their underwear at a golf tournament and a fit babe doing rock climbing while completely naked. If those things sound pretty interesting to you, then I can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t like Hold The Moan! It’s actually one of the biggest subreddits out there for adult material and I can see why: people love it when girls are naughty and its really risky!

Some final words on /r/HoldTheMoan

Mr. Porn Geek loves public porn and tries to fuck his own girlfriend as much as possible while outside: /r/HoldTheMoan is a subreddit that celebrates the wild side of girls who’re willing to risk it all for a sexual thrill. Definitely check out this place every once in a while and be sure to subscribe. The content is slow to trickle in, but when it does, it’s typically golden. Not many rules and well ran – my kind of place and hopefully, yours too!

Review Pros
  • Great public porn
  • Good moderation
Review Cons
  • Slow to update