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Mr. Porn Geek reviews Legal Teens

From time to time you come across subreddits on Reddit that have names conjured up only to cause confusion. I mean really, who’s going to have an idea of what /r/freeuse is about without trying the material they have to offer? Today, I’m going to recommend a place called /r/LegalTeens and thankfully, the clue to what this community offers is right there in the title. We’re looking at the youngest, sexiest babes around having fun in front of the camera! Now then – let me break down what this subreddit is and why you might want to subscribe to it. Strap yourself in, because Mr. Porn Geek is about to review the hell out of Legal Teens.

My first take on /r/LegalTeens

When reviewing porn subreddits, one of the first things I like to do is see just how big the community is. /r/LegalTeens is currently sitting on a subscriber count of 750,000 people – that’s a hell of a lot of followers! This doesn’t mean that you get a regular flow of smut though, so I also like to click on the new section link for an idea of how common posts here are. In the past 24 hours, a total of around 50 submissions have been made – this is a solid rate as far as I’m concerned and anyone who loves teens will want to follow this subreddit as a result. Although saying that, maybe we should have a little look at the types of content they’re uploading.

Content at Legal Teens on Reddit

I always like to check out the top posts of the last month for an idea of what current content is being shared by everyone. Here on Legal Teens, the top 10 posts of the last 30 days all over over 6,000 upvotes, so it looks like interaction is quite high. I saw that a decent quantity of them were actually user-submitted too, such as this post of a barely legal girl taking a selfie while only wearing her socks. She’s trimmed her pussy up and decided that opening her legs is a good idea – god bless college girls and their commitment to enjoying their time while studying as much as possible! Not just pictures are allowed here: Mr. Porn Geek saw this brunette in a bath playing with her titties and teasing the camera, which was even better than if a photo was only posted. A lot of /r/LegalTeens is amateur material – very little here is from professional studios.

Some final words on /r/LegalTeens

Reddit is a great place to find teen porn and that’s because of places like /r/LegalTeens. This subreddit is a goldmine for people who like young, nubile babes showing off their bodies and showing the world why guys like girls who are a little on the youthful side of the equation. As always – thanks for reading and please make sure you read more of Mr. Porn Geek’s great subreddit suggestions. I know Reddit’s porn game better than anyone else!

Review Pros
  • Regular content flow
  • Good rules
  • Mainly amateur content
Review Cons
  • A little image heavy
  • Some strict rules