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Cum Sluts – the Mr. Porn Geek review

Howdy folks: have you ever had a particular fascination with girls who can’t get enough of a man’s seed? For a lot of girls, they just love the feeling of cum – it doesn’t matter where it’s on their faces, in their pussies or shot from head to toe: just as long as they get that sticky, delicious load! It might please you to know that over on Reddit, they’ve got a very specific place where you can find content that only focuses on girls getting blasted with sticky cream. It goes by the name of /r/CumSluts and in this review, I’m going to tell you why I think it’s a great place to go for XXX entertainment.

The basics of what /r/CumSluts offers

Unlike a lot of subreddits on the platform, /r/CumSluts doesn’t have a preference for videos or images: both are allowed, although judging from the homepage, almost all of the content here is offered via short clips which are uploaded to GFYCat. One check I like to do when reviewing subreddits is to look at their update frequency: in the last day, just over 100 posts have been submitted to /r/CumSluts: that’s a hell of a lot of content and really greases the wheels of the cum economy. I think it also goes to show that finding women who enjoy hot loads is easier done than said – plenty of jizz addicts on this planet who can’t live without a mouthful of the white stuff!

A sample of the /r/CumSluts content

I decided to check out the top rated posts here on /r/CumSluts and was pleased to see that it almost always featured facials. I suppose nothing really shows a cum slut off more than her taking sets of thick ropes over her pretty face as she smiles and begs for it. This post was probably my favorite – she got fucking blasted with that load and seemed to love it. In the comment section, they also have a link to the original video which is worth watching: Australians are pretty funny.

My final thoughts on Cum Sluts

I definitely think that if you’re looking to put together a list of subreddits that get your cock nice and hard, one of the ones you should consider subscribing to is /r/CumSluts. I really enjoy watching these cum-addicted fuck machines taking load after load: it’s basically a cumshot subreddit, although you’ve naturally got a focus on the women enjoying it. That gets me hard I think it’ll get you nice and solid too if you take a look. Anyway folks: that’s Mr. Porn Geek out. Be sure to read my other suggestions on where you can go for great porn on Reddit.

Review Pros
  • Updates often
  • Established community
  • Lots of clips
Review Cons
  • Limited full-length videos
  • Straight only