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Real Girls: Reddit’s community for hot babes

When /r/RealGirls was started, it was basically a place for people to share images of ladies who weren’t photoshopped or in the adult entertainment industry: a lot of people disliked the fake nature of adult material online, so they started this place where actual women could go ahead and share their adult material. These days, almost all of the uploads at /r/RealGirls are original content, meaning the person featured put it on the subreddit themselves. Keep reading as I dig deeper and tell you more about what /r/RealGirls has to offer!

The flow of content at Real Girls

You’ll notice that RealGirls has around 100 new submissions on a 24-hour period, which makes it quite a busy place when it comes to porn on the platform. Do note that it’s currently sitting at close to 1.3 million subscribers though, so I would really expect it to be giving us that rate of content! It’s actually quite interesting that I decided to review /r/RealGirls today: just 3 days ago they made a new announcement about the focus of the subreddit and said that they will disallow any content that doesn’t come from verified self-posters.

RealGirls is a pretty strict subreddit: any girls who are verified on Pornhub, have a wishlist on their profile or otherwise try to profit from selling things aren’t welcome. Basically, if you’re putting adult material online to make money from it, /r/RealGirls is the place for you. For me, this has turned the subreddit into an ultimate ‘amateur’ destination. Girls only post because they want you to see their naked bodies: no other reason is really there for them to do it! They’re very serious about this and I guess we’ll have to see how /r/RealGirls stacks up against /r/GoneWild.

Final words on RealGirls

I like this subreddit and while it’s quite different from the original purpose it intended to serve, any competition to /r/GoneWild is probably a decent thing. For those that want ultimate amateur adult material, check this subreddit out: it’s perfect for that.

Review Pros
  • Lots of amateurs
  • Regular updates
  • Original content only
Review Cons
  • Very strict rules
  • Mainly photos