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Mr. Porn Geek’s review of /r/NSFW_GIFS

I honestly cannot sit here in all honesty and tell you what the difference is between /r/NSFW_GIFS and /r/NSFW_GIF, except for the fact that one of them has a plural title and the other one doesn’t. I think that for all intents and purposes, these two subreddits are basically the same, except that the former – the one I’ll be reviewing today – currently sits at 750,000 subscribers while the other has 1.3 million subscribers. That doesn’t make a huge difference, but I’m going to look at what this place has to offer and let you know whether or not it’s any good. Spoiler alert: Mr. Porn Geek really likes /r/NSFW_GIFS!

The metrics at /r/NSFW_GIFS

As I mentioned earlier, NSFW_GIFS is currently sitting on 0.75 million subscribers, which is pretty large and makes it one of the bigger communities out there on Reddit. If we hit the ‘new’ tab and hunt down the material which has recently been added here, you’ll see that /r/NSFW_GIFS receives around 50 new posts on a 24-hour basis. This doesn’t make it extremely busy, but if you check back from time to time, you’re sure to see some of the latest short clips that are bound to make you bust a nut or two. I should just state for the record here that NSFW_GIFS doesn’t really do the whole .GIF thing these days: everything is from GFYCat.com and streams in .MP4 (or .WebM).

Sampling the wares peddled at NSFW GIFS

I figured it was a good idea to see what content NSFW GIFS generally has at the top of its lists, so I went ahead and checked out the top rated posts of the last month. You can access that filter option yourself by clicking here. At rank 1, we had a piece of original content where a sexy babe in jeans lifted up her sweater to reveal two incredible tits to the camera – short, simple but absolutely worth squeezing your hog over. Other top 10 posts included Devan Weathers at Girls Do Porn showing us how she takes cock in a hotel room and this beach threesome that ended up being taken to some fancy infinity pool. What I really like about NSFW_GIFS is that you’ve got a mixture of real amateurs releasing their own content, fresh girls to the porn industry taking a dick and then world-class models having high production value fuck sessions in fancy mansions.

Some final words on NSFW_GIFS

I think that overall, /r/rNSFW_GIFS is one of the better subreddits out there for general clips of erotic action. Lots of people these days aren’t interested in full-length videos and that’s where a place like this comes in handy: you get to sample the goods and its basically like a trailer for the full upload, although you can just bust a nut over what’s provided if you’re strapped for time. Anyway gang: cheers for reading and be sure to check out /r/NSFW_GIFS on Reddit sooner rather than later!

Review Pros
  • Some original content
  • Great clip quality
  • Good content rates
Review Cons
  • No anime allowed
  • No GIFs with sound