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Pussy Destroyers – my expert review

Howdy friends: it’s Mr. Porn Geek here and in this episode of ‘does it slap?’, I’m going to be running my eyes all over a destination called Pussy Destroyers. They claim to have the hottest games and adult XXX gaming titles – a bold claim, that’s for sure. Will they threaten the people at the top of my list or will it fall short of all expectations? We don’t like surprises as porn gamers, so let’s do the wise thing and see whether or not the interior of Pussy Destroyers lives up to expectations. Continue on: Mr. Porn Geek is about to indulge and tell you all about it!

First thoughts on Pussy Destroyers

Note that Pussy Destroyers isn’t just a single game: it’s a collection of titles that you’ll be able to access when you sign up. Access is completely free of charge while the project is still in its beta stages, but you should take advantage of this deal as quickly as possible, simply because it’s not going to last forever. To be perfectly honest with you, Mr. Porn Geek is surprised that they’ve kept it completely free for as long as they have, so definitely consider getting inside right now and avoid disappointment! The whole process is fast and all you need to give over is a username and password: that’s it. After confirming your age and email, Pussy Destroyers gives you full access to their porn gaming collection. I think you’d struggle to find a more simple method of content access – check it out and see for yourself!

Exploring the member’s area of Pussy Destroyers

At the time of writing this review, Pussy Destroyers was sitting on a nice collection of 44 games. That’s quite a bit bigger than average, so I think it’s fair to say that the developers have been busy at work. From what I can piece together, as soon as they have 50 finished games, they’re going to launch and at that point, a small monthly fee will be charged. I’m unsure if Pussy Destroyers will grandfather in the earlier supporters or whatever, but yeah – stay tuned for how they plan to reward folks who beta tested the titles to make sure that Pussy Destroyers was ready for the masses.

All of the games on Pussy Destroyers can be accessed via your browser, which means that you won’t need to download anything in order to play the games. That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me and with so much skepticism around these projects, I can respect the fact that you don’t need to store anything locally in order to have a good time. The team here currently supports Chrome, Safari and Firefox, but I tried Edge and Opera worked with zero issues. Those first three browsers are just the ones they’ll officially update and keep the titles working on, but that doesn’t mean the games won’t run on other platforms.

Pussy Destroyers: the gameplay

To put the titles to the test, I tried out 6 different releases and gave myself 2 hours to try them out. I must say that the gameplay here is one of the leading elements of the experience: there are rich storylines, great interactive features and polished interfaces to help you enjoy yourself while playing. Pussy Destroyers has a nice range of releases too, so if you feel like playing an RPG, dating simulator or something else entirely, they’ve got you covered. You can save in all games any time you want straight from the menu and it syncs to the cloud too, so no reason to download stuff locally (where it might be discovered or worse, deleted!). Some games only use the mouse, whereas others include keyboard usage too. I like the fact that they have varying levels of interactivity too – means that you can pick depending on how horny you are with no issues.

The graphics at Pussy Destroyers

The graphical art style here changes from releases to release, but I think it’s fair to say that Pussy Destroyers is mainly focused on Western cartoon style aesthetics. This is a welcome break from the hentai artwork that you’ll find elsewhere in the gaming realms, so props to Pussy Destroyers for breaking away from tradition. The skin in Pussy Destroyers looks particularly decent and they even have some great squirting visuals that’ll make you feel like it’s a genuine adult flick. Perhaps my only complaint is that the hair is a little too floppy, but hey: if that’s my biggest gripe with Pussy Destroyers then they’re probably doing something right.

Bonuses inside Pussy Destroyers

Pussy Destroyers has a Discord server and you can chat with the developers of the title if you so desire. They’ve even got a suggestions area where you can pitch your ideas for new updates and fresh games. Pussy Destroyers also operates a forum and a free porn tube with around 500 3D animated sex videos. I don’t know what the source is for these scenes, but they’re between 5 to 30 minutes in length and can even be downloaded locally to your computer. The servers are speedy too – they maxed out at 35 MB/s, which is far greater than 90% of the places that I visit. Not bad for some free bonus XXX videos on a porn gaming website, right?

Pussy Destroyers: the conclusion

So when all is said and done: how do I rate Pussy Destroyers? It’s good, and the fact that you can sign up, right now, completely free of charge is a major selling point. All you’ve got to lose here is 15 minutes, but you can potentially gain access to hundreds of hours of XXX gaming fun. Seems like a pretty decent wager if you ask me, which you should. So, in short: if you’re looking for a top-tier porn gaming release, get your ass over to Pussy Destroyers and try out what they’ve got. As always, thanks for reading my analysis and be sure to drop back by whenever you get the chance. Thanks a bunch and happy jerking!

Review Pros
  • Huge gaming collection
  • Free bonus videos
  • Active Discord server
Review Cons
  • Still in beta
  • A few bugs