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Mr. Porn Geek visits Nyaa Pantsu

From what I can tell from a little reading, Nyaa Pantsu was originally known as, a place for people to share hentai, Japanese porn videos and other X-rated material from Japan. There was some stuff that went down a few years ago and the websites went offline, but now they’re back up and running so that all of the weebs can get access to their jerking material again. I’m not an expert in the exact proceedings after that, but I’m going to review Nyaa for you today and tell you what this place has on offer for people who visit. So without further ado, let’s jump into this review and give you all of the stuff you need to know about Nyaa.

The initial experience at Nyaa Pantsu

So when hitting the homepage of this website, you’ll be presented with a long list of torrents to check out and some header links to take you to various places. Nyaa offers both full-length JAV porn videos and hentai comic book strips in the form of official smutty outlets and doujinshi labors of love. I will take a moment to mention the fact that Nyaa seems like a labor of love and focuses heavily on giving people free access to what they want. Their project is actually hosted on Github and I see that as a common theme – lovers of hentai always go above and beyond to give people access to their favorite material of choice.

To check out exactly how this place works, I decided to select the latest torrent that the website had available. It’s a hentai publication called Ugly Middle-Aged Man VS Little Bitch Girl 2 so by the name alone I know I’m getting a good deal. Do note that Nyaa Pantsu is 100% torrent focused, which means you’ll be downloading this stuff from third-party destinations. They have magnet links for you to maintain a little security and a small comment area for people to write something about the torrent listed. What’s quite useful is that Nyaa lists the hash of the file, its size, uploader and the number of seeders who’re currently sharing the content. It functions like a standard torrent website to be honest, although the design, layout and ease of access make it pretty damn amazing to use.

Elsewhere on Nyaa Pantsu

So alongside the torrents, Nyaa Pantsu also has an FAQ section which you can visit to have a few of your questions answered. They’ve also got an official Twitter account @NyaaPantsu although it doesn’t seem to update all that much with new posts. One place I do recommend checking out is Nyaa Pantsu’s Discord server (direct link to join available here). Mr. Porn Geek checked it out for around 5 minutes and was pleased to see how tight this ship is ran – the moderators filter all spam immediately and there are lots of rooms for you to talk about various topics and share lewds with your weeb buddies. All in all, quite a good meta experience here on Nyaa Pantsu. I know anime addicts love to enjoy the community element of their websites, so the fact that they’ve got a Discord server is pretty cool to say the very least.

Final comments and thoughts on Nyaa

I generally find that the volunteer side of hentai is pretty top notch. Out of all the porn communities that seem to manage themselves and make their products world-class, hentai and doujinshi fans are clearly far ahead of the competition. Nyaa Pantsu really does set itself apart from the competition and I think for that reason alone, I’m giving this one the patented Mr. Porn Geek seal of approval. If you’re someone that’s big into hentai or doujinshi and want a torrent-based destination to get your hands on that Japanese XXX goodness, look no further than right here. Nyaa Pantsu did the job it was supposed to do and for that reason alone, I’m recommending you check this place out. Weebs especially – you’ll love what Nyaa’s got cooking.

Review Pros
  • Free hentai torrents
  • Great design
  • Labor of love
Review Cons
  • Some adverts
  • No ratings sort option
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