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What’s up guys – it’s Mr. Porn Geek back at the PC with yet another XXX analysis! Today, I’m heading on over to a spot called YesPornPleaseXXX: it looks like a pretty standard tube from the initial analysis, but I need to have a good look around here to actually see what’s going on and determine whether or not it’s the type of hub that I’d recommend. One thing you should know now about Mr. Porn Geek is that I don’t mess around when it comes to reviews – I’ll let you know if this place swings or if it absolutely sucks. So without further ado, let’s get into it and see what the site has to offer!

First thoughts on YesPornPleaseXXX

As you might expect, the review is going to kick off on the homepage. I’m glad to see that a huge amount of the screen is populated with preview thumbnails from various scenes that they have uploaded – you can scroll down to see more and right at the bottom of the site, you’ve got a pagination bar to get deeper into the collection. There are several updates on a daily basis – as many as 10 to 20 on some days. That’s a pretty good rate, and it practically guarantees that you’ll never run out of entertainment when you make YesPornPleaseXXX the first place you visit when you want to jerk yourself silly.

A look at the content on YesPornPleaseXXX

One thing I want to talk about briefly is that from what I can gather, all of the scenes here are from professional studios. We’re talking about the likes of Reality Kings, Brazzers and other big players in the business. If you’re the type of person that wants a porn tube that hosts material from your favorite pornstars, this is the place to be! What’s great about professional porn is that the subjective and objective quality are both top notch – I’m confident that these guys also scour the Internet for the best uploads out there to bring you unrivaled pleasure. Basically, if you’re looking for genuinely amateur productions, this spot isn’t going to be much help.

Categories on YesPornPleaseXXX

When we head into the categories area, you’ll find that there really aren’t too many – but the biggest ones are covered, and that’s all I really care about. You’ve got options like teen, creampie, big ass and Asian here – a good assortment that should cover most bases. What’s funny is that they have a ‘small ass’ section: I don’t know why, since I never really thought that was a huge porn niche, but it’s available on this tube site if you want hardcore videos in that genre. I guess it takes all sorts, right?

YesPornPleaseXXX: the watching experience

When you finally select a video, you’ll have it instantly load in the browser for you – the resolutions seem to be either 720p or 1080p, depending on which scene you select. There aren’t any easy ways for you to download the content locally, but the good thing is that you can scrub through the videos incredibly quickly. I was amazed at just how fast it is to quickly skip to midway through a shoot – honestly, it’s faster than the bigger tubes out there, like PornHub and whatever else.

Downsides of YesPornPleaseXXX

I think it’s always important to point out downsides, and when it comes to YesPornPleaseXXX, there are a few. Firstly, there are no quality options here – you’re forced to watch the material in whatever resolution it comes in, and there’s no ability to increase or decrease it. Additionally, pornstars are just chucked in with the regular tags, so it can make navigating around and finding your perfect type of adult scene just that little bit harder. I’d also like to see a sidebar of similar videos – they do appear below the embed, but make the stream box a little smaller and slide them in on the edge.

A wrap on my YesPornPleaseXXX review

This isn’t the best porn website I’ve ever visited – but it does the job that it’s supposed to do and for that reason, it is getting my seal of approval. The constant influx of fresh flicks is fantastic, plus they load up instantly and you can start to jerk as soon as you want to. These are the best elements of the site and well, if you’re looking to stream hardcore porn from the best sites around, this service has you covered. Visit YesPornPleaseXXX now and see for yourself!

Review Pros
  • New daily releases
  • Fast loading speeds
  • Large content archive
Review Cons
  • No resolution options
  • No download button