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As a lover of linking to various porn destinations, I know that it’s important to work on showcasing what other places exist out there in the niche that I dabble with. That’s why I’m writing all about Entensity today – a site that has existed for quite a while to show you great places to enjoy various pieces of content on the web. Note that it isn’t 100% porn related, but there’s plenty of erotic material here that I think lovers of porn will be able to handle between all the memes and viral videos.

Naturally, if you’re only looking to find the X-rated stuff, click on the DBabe and DWow areas – these are the locations that contain all of the erotic stuff. The Daily Wow is pretty impressive: they find a clip, usually amateur in nature, which shows the best of the best in fucking. As the name suggests, a new porn video link is provided on the daily too, so every 24 hours, check back and find what the guys at Entensity have managed to uncover. Simple concept with a real man-club vibe to it – top stuff to be honest!

Review Pros
  • Daily updates
  • Lots of areas
  • Male safe space
Review Cons
  • Dated design
  • Not 100% porn