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Visiting PinkWorld – Mr. Porn Geek’s Reviews

I first wrote about Pink World around two years ago when I got Mr. Porn Geek off of the ground. Today, I’m going to be heading back to this link aggregator to explain what it’s about, why you might want to visit and what it brings to the table if you’re interested in adult entertainment. I’m keen for a second look, so stick around if you’d like to learn more about I’m confident that this is going to be one hell of a second visit – so let’s get down to business!

The PinkWorld homepage

Like almost all of the reviews her on the Mr. Porn Geek platform, I’m going to be starting things off here with a look at the homepage of PinkWorld. In the header of the website you’ve got a bunch of links to third-party destinations, including the likes of Fuqer (which I’ve recently written a review on), and a few other destinations. These links aren’t all that useful if you ask me, but the ones down below certainly are. You might actually be surprised at the quantity of links that are available here on PinkWorld, but have no fear – it’s just what the site is about.

You’ll notice that below that main header link section are a bunch of external recommendations – PinkWorld is all about suggesting where you ought to go online for adult entertainment. I guess you could say that this place is similar to Mr. Porn Geek: they review the best places and content and then let you know how you can go and access it. Links here are both of the website variety and content-specific. Whether you want a hub devoted to free XXX videos or to see Megan Rain taking it in the ass, Pink World can assist on both accords. All I can really say is that they’re spreading their recommendations across a huge number of niches – I like that and I’m sure you will too!

PinkWorld’s linking addiction

The sheer volume of links here is likely going to make a few people do a double-take: Mr. Porn Geek has over 1,000 reviews these days, but the number of links dropping at Pink World is around 100 per day. Do note that you actually can’t go backwards here through the archives – just the most recent 500 or so recommendations are displayed to keep the homepage fresh. In fact, Pink World is so addicted and focused on giving you third-party recommendations that they don’t have much else here for you to check out. I like websites that devote themselves to a specific cause and in the case of, that’s certainly the case. You want recommendations of where to go for great porn and they give you exactly that!

What else PinkWorld offers

So alongside all of the pinky linkies, what else does this place have to offer? I went looking and only really found two other spots, which I’ll break down here for you now. Note that these aren’t the central elements of the website, so they might not be as polished as the homepage. They’re still good though, so don’t go thinking that this won’t enhance your time at Pink World when looking for porn to jerk off your cock to.

First up we’ve got the Pink World blog which – as you might guess – has posts all about adult entertainment. I will mention before diving in that PinkWorld’s blog doesn’t have HTTPS access enabled, even though the main website does. Seems weird but yeah: if you’re coming here from a connection that can be monitored, you might have everyone knowing that you’re a dirty porn addict! Posts on Pink World include the likes of free sample videos showing Cassidy Klein taking a hard cock in her ass, Riley Star sucking and fucking a cock like the blonde slut she is other such related samples of girls enjoying dick. I went digging through quite a lot of the archive here on PinkWorld’s blog and it didn’t appear that they had too much by way of manual entries or original ideas – it’s just a place to share snippets of porn videos for anyone who wants to watch them. The blog does have categories and pornstar pages for the biggest names though, including Piper Perri, Riley Reid and Sydney Cole.

Turns out that Pink World also has a review area, although nothing new has been added here for over 9 years – that’s a hell of a long period of time! This lets you know that the people behind this project are in the adult industry for the long haul. Sites that have reviews include some golden era destinations such as Pure 18, Exploited Black Teens, Use My Daughter and Twistys. I’m not entirely sure why you’d visit this page instead of Mr. Porn Geek’s hub for paysite reviews but hey – worth letting you know all about the alternatives, right?

Final words on the PinkWorld website

Look, you’re coming here for direct links to porn shoots and websites that the owner of this joint considers to be pretty damn good. Pink World has been around for a hell of a long time and while Mr. Porn Geek is obviously better at finding great destinations for porn, you might like a site that uses a pink background instead. This isn’t going to get the Mr. Porn Geek reward for best site of the year, but it very well might put a smile on your face and give you access to jerking material that’ll have your cock harder to solve than a 16×16 Rubik’s Cube. I like this place and don’t mind giving press to the most popular old-time destinations around. Even if you visit out of curiously for how websites look after 20 years in the game, don’t sleep on a little visit to PinkWorld: that’s my recommendation, anyway. Thanks for reading – now go jerk off you horny pervert!

Review Pros
  • Great adult links
  • Free to use
  • Updates daily
Review Cons
  • No local content
  • Blog isn't HTTPS