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Mr. Porn Geek visits Useless Junk

I got an email a few weeks ago about Useless Junk from one of my readers, although to be honest with you, I didn’t really bother paying attention – I get too many damn recommendations these days that I can’t just trust a random email to point me in the right direction. I was actually reading a blog post from another reviewer today though and he mentioned Useless Junk, so I figured I’d give it the full Mr. Porn Geek review so anyone reading this can know what to expect. Does the hype actually match the reality here? Will you get a decent porn experience? These questions – and many more – will be answered by Mr. Porn Geek in the rest of this text. So to find out, continue down below and read what I’ve got to say!

Visiting Useless Junk

Okay gang, I’m just going to go ahead and start off this review on a negative: when you access Useless Junk, you do so via HTTP. For whatever reason, this website doesn’t allow for encrypted connectivity, so your data can be intercepted and monitored by any third-parties that have access to your line. I’m going to start really castigating websites that don’t offer HTTPS: you’ve got to get your shit into the modern era if you expect Mr. Porn Geek to give you a fully accredited pass. Okay, I’ll stop bitching about network security now: let’s jump into the homepage experience so I can tell you what it’s like.

I was a little confused about the setup of Useless Junk to begin with. The title states that the website has a ‘infinite trove of NSFW images’ and just below that, you’ve got a ‘most recent images’ banner. I’m guessing since this stuff is front and center, Useless Junk focuses on amateur snaps and pro porn photographs to keep its visitors happy. Just below that, you’ve got a small collection of external website recommendations for places like Red Tube, My Free Cams and Porn Hub – not bad recommendations and most spots here Mr. Porn Geek has even written about favorably in the past.

Exploring the categories at Useless Junk

It would appear that the image category dropdown is what feature you want to be using the most here on Useless Junk. I can tell you now – just from the titles of these tags alone – that takes its material from Reddit. We’re seeing very clear subreddit names focused on here, including the likes of legal teens, PetiteGoneWild, WifeSharing and BustyPetite. This isn’t exactly terrible and might serve a purpose, so how about I select a category first and then decide whether or not I think it’s decent? To kick things off, I’m going with legal teens – everyone knows that any man on the planet isn’t going to pass up on the opportunity to look at some barely legal chicks!

For your convenience, here’s the link to take you through to the collection of legal teen pictures. The images are displayed full-size and you just scroll down to the bottom of the page to keep loading more. The photographs do have a small title attached to them, but the person behind Useless Junk has scuffed the CSS a little, so the bottom section of the text is sliced off. This can be fixed by lowering the font size or just adding a little spacing – come on dude, you’ve got to make sure that these types of things are fixed before you go live with your website! Ever notice an issue here at Mr. Porn Geek? Of course not! This place is perfect: because I’ve spent hours designing it to be as such.

You can click on the individual titles to go through to the original Reddit post for some more information on the image, or just continue down the page and enjoy all of the smut that’s on offer without any of that nonsense. Now I’ve used Reddit for a few years now and while back in 2017 I would have told you there was no need for a site like this, the admins seem to have a fetish these days for constantly fucking with the design and trying to turn Reddit into Imgur or 9gag.v2.  For what it’s worth, I’m fine with you giving a big fuck-you to Reddit – those guys suck and the more advertising revenue they’re denied, the better. I fully endorse places like Useless Junk as a result of those types of bullshit changes that Reddit has undertaken. They even did my boy Sam Hyde in with the removal of MDE – what gives? That place was the only good non-porn subreddit!

Other things at Useless Junk

At the top of every page on Useless Junk, you’ll find links to sort content based on upload date, all-time rating and controversial. The last link isn’t all that useful, but I think you will get at least some functionality out of the other two. Reddit’s algorithm promotes links that are ‘the best and most recent’, as opposed to just being the most recent or just the best. Those two other options are certainly worth checking out if you prefer your content to be ordered by a different metric. Those of you who’ve used Reddit in the past will know all about these two options, but for people who haven’t – definitely worth playing around with them.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final words on Useless Junk

If you find yourself going to Reddit a lot to look at the naked images there and you just can’t stand the new redesign, feel free to head on over to Useless Junk and use their platform for looking at the smutty images on display. Mr. Porn Geek really enjoyed the style of display for the porn here and I think that although this is just a basic service, image lovers will feel right at home using this particular website. So yeah – click here if you want to head on over to Useless Junk now and scroll through their collections of X-rated images lifted straight from Reddit.

Review Pros
  • Lots of images
  • Minimal design
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Third-party material
  • Some adverts