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Taking At Look At Good Old MilkManBook is sort of a reminder of how the world of internet porn used to look like. It’s a link repository that looks and feels as if it was designed and launched in the 90s or early 2000s. Well, that’s probably because the site is launched way back in 2002. So, with close to two decades of being active, it’s time to review it and check how it stacks up against similar sites created recently.

We, can’t imagine that this platform can really compete with modern ones, but then again; they managed to stay active for so long. Can you really doubt anyone after surviving almost all stages of internet porn? Mr. Porn Geek, as always, will try to remain impartial and deliver an objective decision. We will check how the design, content quality, and user experience withstood the test of time. Here is what Mr. Porn Geek thinks of

Design and Layout 

As we imagined, not much has changed in the design of the site since it was launched. It still features the same visual elements as it did almost 20 years ago starting with the title, navigational links, and the links grid. It’s funny how we thought back in the day, that this was an attractive design. It’s something we don’t imagine would be making a comeback anytime soon.

The look and feel of the site are a testament of the past age, and we are not talking just about; we are talking about the rest of the world as well. These early porn sites had really pad almost no attention to the design features. The background, layout, style of menus. None off looks like it was specifically designed for this particular website, but rather implemented as one of the few options available back then. But the real question is; is it really that bad or is it kinda brilliant? Well, Mr. Porn Geek kinda thinks it’s brilliant.

It may be just the nostalgia kicking in, or maybe the fact that most websites look alike these days. At least this one looks original compared to the others. But if we look at it objectively, this design really needs a coat of fresh paint and there are no excuses for not doing so. Even if lime Mr. Porn Geek you are a lover of the retro style, lack of advanced filtering options, modern navigational items, and responsive mobile design can’t really qualify for the “porn site of the year” reward.

Links and Content on MilkManBook

So, to be quite honest, not many of these old “link referral” websites from the early 2000s is left operational. We only know of a couple of them old enough to have their own driving license. What’s even more fascinating is that is stacked with links from that era that still work. So not only that this site is still up and running after all that time, but it also points to a lot of others who managed to do the same.

Milkmanbook is kind of like a modern museum of old school porn sites. Most of the sites and links lead to porn image websites, and browsing through them really wasn’t all that bad. Lots and lots of fun can still be had, enough to enjoy the content from the linked sites. Granted, almost none of them are relevant in today’s landscape of internet porn, but many of them could still hold the candle even to the modern ones in terms of content quality and diversity.

Apart from link referrals, milkmanbook also hosts their own image galleries, listed at the bottom of the home page. Well, not really at the bottom, but a bit lower. Ok a bit more. Scroll down some more. You are almost there. And there it is, the image galleries hosted on their own servers. And you would be surprised just as Mr. Porn Geek to see so many really good galleries, some of which are hosted on a couple of very famous platforms, even today.

Functionality and User Experience

In terms of functionality, we can grind on the fact that there are no modern navigational features, no advanced filtering options, not even the always present search bar. You don’t have quick links and anchors scattered around a very very vertical page layout (quite literally, it takes about 20 seconds to scroll through the home page).

So yeah you can grind on those, or you can admire the fact that the features does have are still working as they did the first day. Ok we understand, one accomplishment is not enough to cover for all the shortcomings we previously mentioned and the score in the functionality department is a bit on the lower side of the scale. But, and this is a huge and kinda an important but; The site works flawlessly, without the hindrance of ads and other plugins.

You are never redirected to the place you don’t want to be. There are no passing clicks and baits. There are no flashing ads (although the background is kinda distracting) pulling your attention away from the content. is a links site that offers more so many good stuff; even when it does so as clunky and in an outdated fashion, we still can’t help but feel good about it.

Final Thoughts on MilkManBook

While many of us loved the world of early internet porn, we don’t live in that world anymore. must have been leaps and bounds ahead of its time, it must have been the pinnacle of website design and functionality, and that has to be applauded. In the modern world though, it can only be labeled as decent.

You won’t lose time browsing through it and there are still plenty of fine places to discover if you do decide to explore it. The only thing you have to remember is that many sites that look far better than this one, modern sites, don’t work as well as And Mr. Porn Geek can’t imagine those being around 20 years from now!

Review Pros
  • No annoying ads
  • No bullshit
  • Plenty of relevant content
  • Loads surprisingly fast
Review Cons
  • Too much verticality
  • Outdated design