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MPG visits SimFamilySex

I think you know by now that Mr. Porn Geek is obsessed with adult games, and today, I’m hitting up a place called Sim Family Sex. With so many great titles out there to play these days – well, let’s just say that I hope this hub is doing things by the book. If you’re not great, you’re not getting featured on my website – sorry, that’s just the nature of the business! I care about giving my readers accurate, useful information on where to go when they want to jerk it. So, with that in mind: let’s explore SimFamilySex and the interactive gaming goodness that’s provided here. Ready to get into it? Good.

Initial reaction to SFS

When you visit SimFamilySex for the first time, you’ll be prompted to create an account. The process is incredibly quick and all you have to do is provide a username, password and confirmation that you’re over the age of 18. Please remember that Mr. Porn Geek is here to provide gaming fun to mature people – if you’re a kid, get the hell out of here! Anyway, once inside, you’ll be given the option to download a client to play SMS or instead, you can run it from the website. The website version of this game is provided in 1080p and 30 FPS – this is a limitation of the browser technology and not the game. If you download Sim Family Sex, you’ll be able to play it in full 4K and with an uncapped frame rate. I was told on the Discord that the game itself basically runs at 60 FPS, so you’re getting twice as much fun if you go via the launcher. I tried the browser version while the download processed and it was fine. No issues or complaints: support is provided for Opera, Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

The local version of SimFamilySex is 6.5 GB when installed – the download was 4.5 GB. Once the game is installed locally, you don’t have to stay connected to the Internet, but if you do, your save files can be synchronized via the cloud. The options menu has a few colorblind settings, language choices and other things to get you comfortable. It’s not an overly complicated title and to be honest, everything that happens here is mainly plug and play.

Playing SimFamilySex for the first time

I spent about 90 minutes trying out Sim Family Sex to give myself the best experience possible – my overall impression is that this is a pretty awesome game! There’s plenty of incest, and I think we all know that when it comes to great family fucking, Mr. Porn Geek is an addict and a half. You can create all of the characters from scratch and they all come with preloaded incest profiles – basically, relationships between the characters. There are dozens to pick from, and they have backstories if you want a little bit of flavor with your family-themed action. You can also go onto the official forums and Discord server where people share their own creations – some even have pornstars and celebrities loaded in, so if you want to play with those, it’s simple and fun to do.

The standout feature for me when it came to SFS was the quality of the visuals. In terms of graphical gorgeousness – this is something that’s just out of this world. I’ll always be amazed at how quickly adult-themed games have become visually stunning – it’s the advent of free engines and the demand for these titles that has really taken things to the next level. Mr. Porn Geek believes that when it comes to incest-themed games, this is one of the best looking ones I’ve ever seen. Seriously – just take a look at the tour and tell me that you’ve come across anything that’s better than this. If you’re hunting for a good looking incest game, there aren’t going to be many spots that can rival what SimFamilySex has to offer. It’s just that good!

Updates and beyond

SFS updates around once every 3 weeks with a general patch that brings bug fixes and general improvements. I went through their developer blog and it would appear that once every 2 months, they have a special patch where they add new content and basically flesh out the game with fresh dialog, characters and scenes. I spoke to the community manager via Discord and he told me that SFS is actually quite close to being finished and that the team is already working on a second title that you’ll get free access to within the Sim Family Sex portal. It’s also going to be themed around incest, so if this is something that you’re keen on in terms of content type – yeah, it might just become your favorite destination on the Internet to get what you want!

The downsides of SimFamilySex

So – what’s the deal when it comes to this website and the downsides? Well firstly – the download wasn’t the quickest. I managed to clock in at 7 MB/s, but that didn’t fully saturate my connection, so I think this might be a cap imposed by their servers as opposed to my limitation. It’s only a one-time download though, and the file isn’t that big – so, not a huge concern. Additionally, the game did have one bug via the browser that required me to reload it twice: it was a minor texture flickering problem and didn’t really impact the overall experience. Oh, and this portal is just one game, so if you want more than that – you’ll have to read one of my other reviews on a portal devoted to naughty games.

Conclusion on SFS

Where do I stand on this project? Look – the graphics are just out of this world, and for that reason, I’m happy to give SimFamilySex my seal of approval. Mr. Porn Geek has found plenty of great adult titles lately and I’m going to add this one to the list. You’d be amazed at how much fun there is to be had here – these guys are working on a stellar title and anyone who’s obsessed with incest gaming will get exactly what they need. Anyway, thanks so much for reading: I’ll see you in my next game review!

Review Pros
  • Free to play game
  • Regular patch updates
  • Stellar graphics
Review Cons
  • Minor graphical glitch