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Grand Fuck Auto

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Let’s Play Grand Fuck Auto

What’s good groovy gang? It’s Mr. Porn Geek here and yes – I’m back with yet another high quality review! Today, I’ll be playing a title by the name of Grand Fuck Auto and I’m sure that all of you are sitting on the edge of your seats to find out exactly what Mr. Porn Geek has got to say. The good news is that I’m going to break down the situation and present the facts – so prepare your ass for some of the best damn analysis that your boy has ever put out there on the Internet! This is going to get juicy and I know plenty of you are going to be jerking off over Grand Fuck Auto in no time at all. So with that said, let’s explore the title and what it has to offer.

Playing Grand Fuck Auto: the member’s area

The first thing I want to note before going deep into this review is that Grand Fuck Auto doesn’t come alone: you actually get full access to a bunch of other games including World of Whorecraft, Let’s Cut A Deal, Mutant Orgy and Game of Whores to name but a few. As you can probably guess from the titles, these are parody titles just like Grand Fuck Auto and come completely free of charge – it’s a stellar offer! In fact, the whole bonus area of Grand Fuck Auto includes over 500 games that you can try out: many of which I’ve written about here in my reviews. Still, I just want to look at Grand Fuck Auto, so let’s isolate this puppy and discuss what it has to offer by way of enjoyable playing.

Playing Grand Fuck Auto on this website

What’s good about Grand Fuck Auto is that the game is completely browser based – this means that you won’t have to download anything to your computer if you don’t want to. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t like to recommend downloads of porn games because from time to time, you can struggle to get rid of anything you put onto your PC: that’s not going to matter with Grand Fuck Auto though, since it loads up right in Opera, Chrome, Safari or whatever other web browsing software you’re utilizing! Hell, it doesn’t even utilize Flash, which is quite cool – it’s all HTML5 here with Grand Fuck Auto.

Once the game loads up (which can take a minute or so, since it is quite a large release) you’ll be presented with the instructions of the game and how to use the controls. My only complaint in this regard is that Grand Fuck Auto doesn’t have WASD movement – you have to use the arrow keys instead. I’ve always been a gamer who appreciates adult titles with WASD controls, so I am a little bit disappointed Grand Fuck Auto doesn’t offer this. Oh, I suppose I should also mention the version I’ll be playing for this review is 3.01 – they may release a more modern one in future and I’ll be sure to update my link if that happens.

Giving Grand Fuck Auto a good session of gameplay

When you’re ready to play, simply hit the ‘continue’ button and you’ll be good to go. Turns out that you’ve got a fast car with a number plate that says ‘Hard Honey’ and you’re looking to get fucked sooner rather than later! If you’re not a big fan of the sounds, hit the icon in the top-right hand corner: this will mute them so they’ll no longer be pissing you off! I quite like the fact that Grand Fuck Auto utilizes the top-down approach that made it famous back when it released its very first versions. I still remember using my uncle’s laptop way back in the day to try out Grand Theft Auto: those were some fun times! The graphics here are much better though and yeah – the sex is just that much more enjoyable, since you’re actually getting content that you’re supposed to squeeze your hog over!

The difficulty of Grand Fuck Auto

I don’t want to spoil the game for you because Mr. Porn Geek isn’t about that life, but I should probably let you know that Grand Fuck Auto does have some challenges if you don’t select certain dialog options that are appropriate. You’ll learn quickly who you can trust and who you can’t – be careful who you say you’ll give your money to! That’s all I’ll say on the topic, because nothing beats a challenging adult game that isn’t just going to give you what you want without forcing you to put up a fight. That’s perhaps one of the best bits of Grand Fuck Auto: it’s not a walk in the park and I’m sure you’ll get a game over within the first few minutes before you start to work out what’s going on!

The extras inside the member’s area

Like I mentioned earlier, access to Grand Fuck Auto also gives you free, unrestricted bonus games that you can play as and when you desire. Mr. Porn Geek loves getting a great bang for your buck, so this is something to consider when making your decision of whether or not to try out Grand Fuck Auto. There are also free porn DVDs and bonus sites here, but I don’t want to talk about those and waste another 500 words giving you the details when you can go see for yourself!

My conclusion on Grand Fuck Auto

Okay so yeah – that’s pretty much all Mr. Porn Geek wants to talk about with regard to Grand Fuck Auto. This is a pretty enjoyable adult game and even if you’re not exactly thrilled about playing it yourself (you’d be crazy, by the way – this is funny as fuck) you can always try the hundreds of other games that are also on the website. Bottom line: Grand Fuck Auto is a great XXX game and anyone who plays it is going to have a great experience. That’s all I’ve got time to discuss here, so cheers for reading and happy squeezing!

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Review Pros
  • Good design
  • Browser based
  • Bonus games
Review Cons
  • Can be tough
  • Needs more levels