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MrPornGeek’s insights on RealLifeCam

RealLifeCam is a fun website. It is essentially a collection of “found” footage of people masturbating and fucking. It is a voyeur’s wet dream! I believe that most of the couples and scenes are real, they happen to clearly know the camera is there so there’s no secrets, but they are just normal couples that fuck just like us! To be honest, I enjoyed that feeling of being a peeping tom. It was refreshing to watch online videos of other people as awkward as me in the bedroom. However, although there are some really awkward encounters on the site, they are only awkward because they make you think about how you may look in the intimacy of your bedroom, witness to all of that, get that image of a voyeur house in your mind, do you feel awkward now too? It’s almost the feeling like you have access to spy on other users houses.

There are tons of excellent video quality porno videos on RealLifeCam, though, some that make you wonder if you have been doing it right all these years! Some of the amazingly sexy couples do some quality sexy things that make you start to question why you had that third slice of cake with your lunch! They really are that impressive, I need to go to the gym!

The Design of Real Life Cam

RealLifeCam is a nice looking site, its nothing special, but it does work, kind of. The layout is very typical of any website, RealLifeCam doesn’t lose any points for that, but it certainly doesn’t gain any either. It’s just a bit of a bland site to be honest, not many people comment on the porno, not that that bothers me, porn comments are a very strange place to hang out. There just isn’t much to the site as a whole.

The videos take a bit to load, if they decide to work at all. This is my main gripe with a lot of sites. If you have naughty videos on your site, make sure they work! I get blue-balled by my girlfriend enough, I don’t need a site doing it as well! Also, some of the videos can be made full-screen, others you can’t make them bigger, skip to another bit or change the volume.

The fact that the site is pretty bland means the videos taking so long to load is even more troubling. They clearly have some server issues or something at Real Life Cams, but when a video does decide to load and not buff forever, some videos are pretty good.

Real Life Cams Porn Videos

I don’t know much about RealLifeCam, but I’m thinking it was made by the people appearing on it. Many of the young, sexy girls on the site appear in loads of different videos in similar circumstances, either playing with themselves or others. Now, I’m not against this, as I said earlier, some of the women on this site are fucking hot! However, the style of videos is a bit odd to me. I know that voyeur cams is a thing, but this is different. This is, “let’s put a camera in the corner and fuck the usual way we do it.” Of course, this is fine, there are videos like this on every site, but every video on this site is the same.

I’m sure this is just me not interested to join in, just like that awkward swingers party I went to, but it just gets a little weird watching normal couples have normal sex. Perhaps I am scared for life by REAL porn, but I don’t think RealLifeCams videos are for me!

Additional Features For RealLifeCam to Consider

I want to say mix it up a little and throw some extra live cams in there, but I know this site isn’t about that! I think we can all agree that real life cam is not for me, but it might be for you! Go have a look at the hot sex on RealLifeCam and see what you think. I watched a few videos on this site, and they were good, I enjoyed them, I just wouldn’t use the site every day. It’s not everyday porn, and it’s not the porn you save for a special occasion, it is just porn.

Something that I do think RealLifeCams could benefit from is a pornstar directory. As I said earlier, a lot of the girls and gents in the videos come back again and again, so some form of amateur pornstar directory would be cool. That way members could cut straight through the really normal sex and get to the people that make it look like an art form!

Weirdly, RealLifeCam website has a menu at the top of the page where most of the items send you away from the website, almost proving that even they know the site isn’t for everyone.

The Geek’s Finals Thoughts On Real Life Cam

I am really confused by RealLifeCam website. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t like it, and I can’t figure out whether that is because I’m not a fan of this type of porn or because it’s not very good porn. I mean, the design and layout of the site is nice, it would be good if all the videos work properly, but Real Life Cam is certainly not alone with its broken videos. It would also be pleasant if there were some slightly different things on the site, I would’ve suggested having categories on the site, but there are only three categories at max.

I am really confused, it is a good site, but I can’t help but feel RealLifeCam is a little behind the times. This reality shows and realifecam porn cameras are not giving what the future may occur. Real Life Cam is all about capturing real sex on reality life cam from real people, and that is it, which can be an advantage for some users who want to join. You can gain access online to spy on many other real life cams, apartments and houses or try the trail period or simply choose to watch on guest room. But you can find that on every other website, and most other free sites have a far better collection than RealLifeCam does! However, I could be completely wrong, and this could be the finest site ever, I really have no idea anymore! Someone go on RealLifeCam free video trailer and have a look around and tell me what they think, please, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep tonight because of this review, I am far too confused!

Review Pros
  • Amazing for voyeurs
  • Links to excellent sites
  • Standard layout
Review Cons
  • Standard stuff
  • Lots of the same