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According to the homepage of Watchers Web, this place has existed for 18 years and updates daily with real voyeur material that you’re not going to find anywhere else on the Internet. Whether or not this is true I cannot verify, but if the claims made are indeed accurate – what a claim to fame! On the homepage, you’ll see a mixture of material that is uploaded by users and some custom-sourced content sorted together. One thing I can tell you about Watchers Web is that they love real amateur material – I’ve never seen so much in one location.

While the site isn’t exactly the most attractive in its design, the fact that people come along to share their wives, girlfriends and people they find out in public is a dream come true for people that love both authentic amateur material and voyeur entertainment. You can even submit your own content if you feel like having it featured on Watchers Web – they’ll make sure that if your material is worthy of being looked at, people will get a look at what you’ve decided to provide!

Review Pros
  • Real amateur porn
  • User content
Review Cons
  • Ugly design
  • Some paid areas